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  1. See <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3S2KDuVxaU">Trash Can Faraday Cage Testing</a> for real test info. Lid should be sealed to trash can using metallic duct tape — see video. Opinion varies on grounding, but it can't hurt. In addition, I would detach antennas on radios, remove batteries, and wrap each item in aluminum foil as secondary protection.

  2. The e.m.p. pulse or spike may be a short as a micro second; depending on source. The amplitude of that pulse drops with distance. All solid state device will be damaged in that time frame. Diode, capacitors, resistors, and all chips. A grounding wire attached to the trash can lid and body may improve effectiveness. I would not consider card board as an acceptable insulator, but more of a fire hazard. Please remember an e.m.p. pulse is much more powerful than that of an amplitude modulated radio single. Think of the impact force of a bicycle to stone wall in relationship to the impact force of vehicle; both moving at same forward velocity.

  3. garbage cans don't work they don't seal enough there is vids already of testing done at small scale with an emp machine even with metal tape sealing it off  it still gets threw  – and chargers for laptop wont work either unless u have electronic skill and can wire it to car battery or something  – no power means nothing  – ac phones water  airplanes  septic  . . . .I'm good with electronics and I can rewire things myself and already have tons of things that can be wired dc for after an emp  – ac will be useless unless u have solar then dc battery then ac inverter . . .

  4. they were just doing emp pulse drills here in California at area 51 so we know they have a machine to blow out certain areas but will a garbage can really work?? how about emp bags for all of your items for extra coverage? I have a stainless steel work box and all of my items also are in emp bags doubled layered with card board box and electrical and aluminum duct tape for all of my seals on the inside. but I don't know if its strong enough but we will find out and so will your garbage can?? GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS,

  5. Took me forever to do my first one with the 6 Gallon Behrens can but found a template yesterday here https://www.etsy.com/listing/526818801/templates-for-behrens-6-gallon-can-emp?show_panel=true I'm going to try another one tonight and if it takes 1/3 the time my first one took it's worth the $5! The 10 gallon one would be cool, but I can carry the 6 gallon one a little easier with my electronics in it.