6 thoughts to Survival Gear Gardena How To Shop At 13:41

  1. Hey im 14 and im a size 12 too i got everything in this kit and honestly its VERY budget effective and useful (for its price) although i always have my Anglo Arms bowie knife (amazon £3.20) as this is cheap enough that i dont care if it breaks but durable enough that i can trust it in a pinch. Very handy in the Scottish Highlands

  2. As a bushcrafter I have a lot of expensive gear but this is an awesome vid but for everyone wait till summer when they sell camping gear as money will go a lot further

  3. Very good and informative video! I've never been into a poundland store but here in USA, the dollar store seems to be getting quite better for these kind of kits. I've even seen cheap sharpening stones in some stores.