6 thoughts to Survival Gear Gas Masks Buy Today At Discount At 5:48

  1. Nice video. Maybe a bit much on fire starting supplies.A flashlight and headlight would be a good add. Water filtration or purification need to be added.

  2. I just came across your video. Good set of items in your bag. Maxpedition always makes quality products and for a day hike, great bag. However, from my experience, I no longer use sling bags. Although you may not feel it right away, carrying so many items or too much weight can definitely take a toll on your shoulder and make it soar especially if you are out for a few hours. You always have great videos and I enjoy watching them. Just thought I would share my experience with the sling bag.

  3. I would add in a folding esbit stove with fuel tabs. I carry a 32oz Metal bottle that I use to boil water.

  4. You should add duct tape, either a small roll or wrap some around an old license/credit card. Many uses for duct tape. You spend a lot of time in the outdoors so I am sure you have built your kit from experience. The more you know the less you need. A lighter and matches are good to have when with other people, esp. kids, who might not know how to use a fero rod if you are injured and unable to do much.