6 thoughts to Survival Gear Gas Masks Cheapest Prices Online At 6:13

  1. Great review. But I think your camera is not showing how much they flood. They looked very spotlight-like.

  2. Why have 1 button do everything, when you can have 2..
    I have a Fenix, with external batterypack (2x 18650) and have used it on highest setting almost constantly for 2 nights, never charged it during that time and never felt it on my head
    Why am I writing this? Cause I have seen a lot of Thrunite reviews lately and not seen anything about why they so good
    My headlamp can be off, but I can still push the turbo-button for instant max range
    Turning it on i return to the setting when i turned it off, no scrolling through to get the right lumen
    after this I look at the options they have as I need a backup lamp, just in case

  3. 3x aa have not even 3 Wh of Energy,
    1x 18650 has 13 Wh.
    just compare the runtimes with same lumens.

  4. Another great review! Just got my Thrunite in the mail. Thanks for being so thorough with all your gear.