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  1. just received my light. it's simple to use. simple quality and awsomely bright. charges quickly im very happy so far

  2. looking to buy one ,what will be the best device to plug in the USB and recharge the Flashlight

  3. It's the end of Dec 2017. I was looking for lights, watched a ton of YouTube reviews. This channel helped me a lot. Thanks for all the great flashlight reviews especially the Olights and ThruNites. I ended up buying total of 8 Olight's because of Olisghts great Black Friday & Christmas flash sales, saved average of 45%. I replaced all my handhelds and weapon lights with Olights. But I remembered your reviews of ThruNite in general. When I saw ThruNite offering 20% off on their site I came back here and watched your review again, then i bought a ThruNite TC12 V2. So your channel was a big influence, thanks for all the information.

  4. I had a problem charging mine at first, The LED would just keep flashing purple, could not figure out why???? started to get really FRUSTRADED!!!! unpluging and pluging, over and over, pushing on and off!! THEN I Discovered, I tightened the Light end more and everything worked fine! ( JUST Make Sure that you tighten the light end of the Light!!)

  5. 8:42 Look at the LED's CRI (color rendering index) in ThruNite. Because it has more light spectrum. Some of LEDs may has more lumen but their light is extremely cold white and colors looks same. Color rendering also important as much as light amount. One another thing I loved in ThruNite, it's beam is soft, not too much focused. I mean this is pocket flashlight, not beacon or laser pointer. it doesn't matter how much far light goes, important thing is good illimunation around area that you are spotting, it can illuminate far and also around it

  6. I think 2.6 hours are written mistakely for 1000 lumen turbo mode. It might be 1.6 hours instead of 2.6.
    1 hour and 45 minutes test result prove that. Because it is impossible high mode gives 2,5 hrs when turbo gives 2,6 hrs.
    Also this flashlight has overheat protection which is changing mode. If it doesn't heat too much, mod doesn't change. Turbo mode is changed not because of battery capasity but because of heat.

  7. The best light i ever owened but its bull shit about the turbo run time its about an hour less than the state so you get just over 90 minutes run time on turbo then it drops down to high but still one of the best on the market๐Ÿ‘