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how much lighter fluid is in my lighter inspect prepping survival emergency disaster gear supplies
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper
if you have lighters as part of your emergency survival prepping disaster gear kits
in your Bug Out Bags your emergency stockpile and prepping supplies
how do you know how much
fuel is in your lighter cigarette bic lighter
here is a quick trick to know how much lighter fluid is in your lighter
take a flashlight and shine it up through the bottom of your lighter
and you can easily see the level of the lighter fluid in the lighter
you can compare your lighters
figure out which lighter has the most fuel left in it
or are any of your lighters empty
another trick to get the most use out of your lighter
keep lighter fluid from evaporating
wrap a piece of heavy duty tape around the end of the lighter
it can keep the lighter fluid from leaking
I bought all of these lighters at the same time
the lighter that is taped over time has more lighter fluid in it
than the lighters without tape
that is a great tip for how to store lighters so they last get the most use out of a lighter
if you want lighters to have the fuel you need in an emergency survival disaster situation
make sure you are checking your prepping supplies
to make sure you have them available to you and they will still work
when you need them to learn to use your emergency supplies prepping supplies preps
rotate them and resupply
then you will be ready for anything
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Survival Gear Gas Masks Where Can One Purchase

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  1. Very good info.
    We have a problem too, the flint and thumb striker, corrode and seize in our hot temps and humidity. We check, rotate and replace on a yearly basis.
    Thank you.
    All the best.

  2. You are in my head, AG! Just yesterday, looking at my supply of box matches and lighters (only 2), thinking time to stock up and also purchase a fire starter I've had on my wishlist. And here you are with your GREAT tips concerning lighters. We're going to have to call you the "Alaska Medium." 🙂

  3. Velly intellesting! I have never heard of this. This is great info for preppers, campers, and outdoorsy types.

  4. Tip: Run a zip-tie under the plunger to keep it from being depressed in your bag/pouch and running empty. Cut it off when you need to use it. If it's really cold, it won't work anyway, but the striker always produces sparks for lighting some emergency tinder. (A: Dryer lint/cotton balls/pulled jute twine soaked with B: melted wax/vaseline/hand sanitizer always works with sparks.) You might need a decent ferro rod in the more difficult situations, but warm that Bic up in your armpits or other areas, and it will do.