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  1. I very much enjoy your videos. I am trying to work out a four season bag for the Midwest, which experiences a lot of temperature and precip extremes. After seeing your HPG kit bag, I purchased it and the mid sized HPG pack. The big challenge is getting the right gear for the pack volume. What I have now is a mix of HPG and USGI kit. I am following what I see on your videos, the HPG equippage lists, and my own experiences in the military and civilian backpacking. I am now trying to settle on a lightweight carbine-length long arm. My goal is to get a comfortable load on my back that isn't a clattering collection of goods. Anyway, I find your reasoning spot-on. Please do keep sharing.

  2. Great video you have a advantage over some that is location and population . Me being closer to east cost I'm screwed

  3. I'm glad I found your channel…I live in the low desert of Nevada but my bug out plan puts me into the med/high desert like you're in there so a lot of your ideas/loadouts I use in my preps…keep up the great work brother!

  4. Well done, Brother.
    I am down in the San Diego region, and consider the nearby Anza Borrego Desert as a great refuge as well as a strategic terrain feature to scrape off pursuers and opportunists, or at least, increasingly with time, act as a filter that will limit their numbers and disorganize them to a point that will allow things to look more promising.

    The approaches to that area are also advantageous. Although they probably look like Hell to most people.

    Great subject, one dear to my heart, and thanks for addressing it.

    – Mike

  5. Out of all the multiple times I have watched your vids, I think this is the first time I have seen this, I am an older guy and in the back of my mind as I purchase and collect gear and supplies,I have always kinda thought of this as a way of us adult men in a way,even though this world as crazy as it is are kinda just using the possibility of a catastrophe are using this as a way to play like I used to in the woods with my friends,building forts,making bows,shooting BB guns and playing war..lol

  6. We have almost exact philosophies. I do however keep three days worth of consumables for comfortable. My reason is that I use the bag for camping and want to enjoy myself so its in there for that and second most emergency situations are three days or fewer. Therefore I have toilet paper for three days and cloth for beyond three days. Ill have to make a video.