9 thoughts to Survival Gear Gift Ideas Buy In Store Nearby At 16:38

  1. That is a nice looking belt,… but I already own a Black Hawk rigger's belt, and have a military style money belt with a hidden zipped pouch. If this Alpenlore was a rigger's belt, I'd definitely be interested in one, as currently I have to choose which of my belts too use (it's mostly the rigger however, I usually wear combat pants so have enough places to store things, I generally only wear the money belt on foreign trips when I want to stash some cash.) . Nice looking though, so it's not like I wouldn't buy just 'cos 🙂

  2. If I actually take the belt off to use it, I have no more belt. So now on top of being in a survival situation, my pants would be falling down. I guess you take it apart and cut off enough webbing to make another belt with the buckles though.

  3. Pretty cool. But there are a lot of other options I like more. Having that d-ring without it being a riggers belt is just slightly misleading. Great video though! As always.

  4. That price is a crazy for what it is. it has a plastic buckel some none parracord a little cheap kit it does not take skilled workers to build this at all. if the quality was their I would buy one at a fair price. but this kit could be belt for little to nothing all premade items. material for the belt is dirt cheap. I don't see how they came you with that number. o well each is to their own