5 thoughts to Survival Gear Gift Ideas Discount Coupons Here At 22:41

  1. That 12v battery is only 60 watt-hours in capacity you would only be able to run an electric heating device for cooking for way less than 5 mins before your battery would be dead and even possibly damaged. Electrical heating or cooking is very inefficient, but if you were to decide to do you you need a way bigger battery and solar panel (100ah battery+ one or two 100w solar panels min.)

  2. Propane works great in cold weather down to -40 degrees before you start to experience problems. Butane is not great in cold weather.

  3. nice setup. it will keep your phone and radio charged and a few other small things. it will not run an electric skillet. it will not run a refrigerator. it will not run a microwave. but it is a nice setup for charging phones , radio , and other small devices. I like the solar Lantern where did you get it?

  4. This video is so full of really bad info and worse gear.
    Dude stop guessing about how your gear works and really test it.

  5. In a crisis, many will rely on solar power, but it doesn’t work well on cloudy or stormy days, and is useless at night. My solution is Pype Pwr. Create your own usable electricity using only fresh water. See it at https://www.diytube.video/v/8440