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  1. I'm not sure if it's the same, but i have a similar pouch; the VISM by NcStar. It is very durable and roomy. I use it as a module in a bigger EDC for my electronics (speakers, earbuds, cables, chargers, thumb drives, etc. Excellent vid!

  2. I like the kit, but the price is way out of some people's budget. I think you could take out some gear and reduce the price by half to be more affordable.

  3. Missing the mirror, but great ideas. Mine also has an emergency blanket and most critically, my first aid kit has athletic tape, so ankle and other extreme injuries can be set so I can treck on. If somebody breaks a bone at work it helps then too. I also carry a lot more paracord, and a duty light for real light power over [email protected] lumens+. A fixed blade knife as well, and a non-lethal.

  4. nicely organized, phone case idea very good… I think two things can be modified, some medicines like for fever,pain killer, allergy,indigestion, etc…and a different pouch bag option for ladies…because often we don't carry such bags. thank you.

  5. hi guys, the greatest ideas that i've had was by following the Micaden survive system (just google it) definately the most helpful preppers i've followed.

  6. i like your kit, and i like the multiple redundancies. however a few matches or matchbook would have been nice, i do realize that you have two magnifying lenses, but they are tricky to get down and you need really good sunlight to use them, also you need to waft the embers to get it lit, the average person does not know how to do that, and like i mentioned you need great sunlight., a fero rod, or a small book of matches, or a few match sticks would be a good thing to consider for your pack. and they would take up little to no room, cause if you lose the lighter your pretty much done for especially at night when you have no sunlight, or in the winter when sunlight is poor. after all. fire is most important in survival because it pretty much helps you do everything else from forging, to heat, to food. to distress signals, to purification if you lose tabs, ect… but i still think its a great pack. keep up the good work.

  7. Olá amigo, seu kit EDC de sobrevivência está legal, mas parece que está faltando alguma coisa mas tudo bem esse kit pode salva lo em um emergência. Abraço! Rio de Janeiro Brazil

  8. I have that same pouch and I have an iPhone 2 battery chargers and a fishing kit a first aid kit and a little survival kit and I love it