11 thoughts to Survival Gear Gift Ideas How Can One Buy At 2:40

  1. Sharpen the file so you have a knife blade, change out the stylist to a ferro rod, just a thought. Good Stuff

  2. I work in maintenance and I end up picking quite a few locks (or trying to i'm not very good lol but practice, practice, practice) it'd be nice to have a pick or two and a tension wrench (which could already fit under the tray). but I can do that myself, this vid just gave me the idea. thanks

  3. Pretty cool! I've been looking at these 'multitool' kinda phone cases and I am really considering them. I like this one a lot, the scissors look really nice for being so small. I'm not gonna lie, I drop my phone a lot, on accident, of course. But if this falls, would the compartment come flying out or do you think it'd be nice and secure in there? Thanks for sharing!

  4. I like it, but I don't use iphone. I use a tracfone, flip phone. I get several comments per day from people who call my phone ancient technology.

  5. I like the set up. I personally think that combining this with a life proof case would make the perfect pair