12 thoughts to Survival Gear Gifts Buy Direct Here At 15:38

  1. I've had mine for about three years, bought a dozen of them from Amazon & I give some of mine out to new people who move into the neighborhood….one charge lasts a good long time & I'm very happy with my purchases.

  2. I tear down one of this flashlights and it has not a rechargable battery. It only has a 2 CR2034 3V batteries inside, wich are not rechargable. So, don't trust on it as an "endless" light source

  3. Looks like we can add a USB connector to recharge mobile phones and laptops along with a foot-pedal that can support maybe 5 of those press-lever dynamos at a time.

  4. Very hard to charge, you need to work many hours to charge the battery, because is not on capacitors but has a small battery inside 🙁

  5. They make a rechargeable 3v coin battery idiots, they are in the ever ready ac rechargeable flashlight, has a door

  6. Pure junk! I saw something like this at Costco and there were three to a pack for $19.95.. Uses the same technology like those shake flashlights! Better!

  7. I don’t get how people think this is like something they you say “ Professional survival gear “ this is more like something you use for camping, I mean if you want to use hand crank, It hand crank so just use cranking feature :/