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  1. Breakdown and review of my INCH Survival Gear Emergency Survival Tin. I've been using the contents and will continue until I run out. This PSK is turning out to be a great method of learning new survival skills and using them in the field.

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  2. The mystery little zip ties. I cant tell if there is a loop on the compass to secure it to a zipper with the zip tie. The only thing I can think to use it for is securing a item to your person. in a survival situation some items would be out of the tin and need to be secured to us. The kit reminds me of the one I use to carry with a couple add ons. I wrapped the out side with bank line and I poked a whole in the lid to make char. I also put a piece of duck tape over the whole to keep the moisture out. Also with the duck tape if you tear it in to thin strips you can make a birds nest to get a fire going. Great video.