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This is not the
first time Nitecore has
made compact and bright flashlight.
And I like most of results,
like TM10K or Concept2.
Lets check what turns out
of attempt to combine
21700 battery and high brightness.
I`ll tell you my impression
right from the start.
And we also will take
a look at how E4K shines.
So, If you do not pay
to specific UI,
(and UI here is NOT the one
you`ve ever seen before)
then the Nitecore E4K
is a pretty good
21700 powered
pocket rocket.
That is flashlight
flashlight in which Nitecore
used all the strengths
of the 21700 battery,
leaving the flashlight
in the usual EDC size.
user gets 20sec long
impressive maximum brightness
in a turbo.
For constant light, it has
a stable and long-lasting
(thanks to a capacious battery)
High, which in itself is very bright.
The light itself is floody
and comfortable for working near.
Body is attractive in appearance
and is quite suitable as a gift.
Battery has built-in charging
that allows you to
allows you to charge
it anywhere without the
need for a separate external charger.
But, again, that all were
PROs of model, and it
also has week sides.
Actually, one side – UI.
I also can mention stepdown
in High mode,
i expected that High would
be fully stabilized.
But even after stepdown
if is bright enough for
any regular need.
And i dont treat it
like serious disadvantage.
and is closer to matter of
perception. When you see 4400
lumens in turbo, and then end up
with 700 – that is uncool.
but if turbo was 1050lums
(like high mode now)
you`ll feel it is defientely
ok. And these numbers are
usual for most of EDC models,
actually. So i just mention
it because i have to mention
everything here.
I also dont think that
experienced users will like E4K,
they are in constant hunt for
another light and UI combination.
But regular user may like E4K.
Or not…that is personal.
Ok, now appearance and runtime.
Standard black and yellow
package, regular for
the mid-range product line.
Inside: flashlight, 18650-> 21700
conversion tube, holster,
lanyard, 21700 battery,
type-C charging cable,
clip, O-ring. All that is need.
With its 117mm, Nitecore E4K,
despite its great brightness,
is quite comparable to
widely known and radically
less bright Convoy S2 +
That’s what I like about
21700 batteries – with
a tiny difference in size, they
store almost 50% more energy.
Included battery has built-in
Type-C charging. Super!
0.9A charge current,
takes 6 hours for full charge.
Which is definetely good.
Well, here’s Nitecore E4K
from all angles.
IMO, it looks good.
Not any supeb and complicated
dsign. But sort of good simplicity.
U can see that is brand thing.
Magnet would fit perfectly
under a good thick spring.
There is a spring-loaded platform
instead of the spring at the head.
so you need to use a magnet
to use flat-top batteries.
The thread is small,
long and well-oiled.
uscrew little bit and lock E4K.
Knurling is very simple,
but extremely embossed and
tenacious even without a clip.
Nitecore E4K fits perfectly
in hand, grip is firm.
I really like the button.
Due to its size, it is easy
to find and it is
conveniently pressed.
The blue backlight, as usually
for nitecore, helps to check
the remaining charge –
unscrew and tighten the cover,
the button will lighten the voltage.
For example 3 and 2 flashes mean 3.2v.
head is quite compact and
for this size cooling fins are good.
4 XPL2 LEDs are responsible
for the light. Reflectors are
very small, so it’s clear
that the light here will
be floody without any hint of throw.
As a result, the flashlight
looks attractive and not trivial.
It fits comfortably
in the hand.
At this stage,
the impressions are positive.
impressions about UI
are completely different.
Nitecore could have used
some familiar UI, but decided
to experiment here too.
And in fact, you REALLY
need to get used to this UI
and you may not succeed in this.
In general, if you need
to turn on the flashlight
and shine – this will
not cause problems.
Of course, claimed 4,400 lumens
is sort of maths, no more.
you get 20 seconds of
turbo here, that is
100% normally for such
brightness and such size.
BUT!As you can see you can
turn Turbo on again and again.
even when thermal regulation
has already stepped in.
Specific scheme. But in case
of urgent need, you may
get like one minute
of crazy brightness.
U have to take overheating into
account of course, in this case.
As i told, i expected HIGH
to be fully stabilized, but…
after thermal stepdown u get
like 500 lumens with no cooling,
say, indoor situation.
and 700 with cooling (outdoor)
that is also normal numbers.
Mid (350lums) is
100% stabilized, and
lasts really long
(thanx for 21700).
350 lumens, actually,
is really convenient
mode for most of simple needs.
high mode in it`s any form
is likely to be
excessive for indoor use.
So MID is way better here.
Just remember what you`ve seen
in the beginning of video
and see now at these GIFs.
What about light itself,
it is ok. Bright and floody.
i`d rather get less bright
but warmer light. But…
here marketing sense
of big lumens play it`s role.
Turbo is damn bright.
Most of people would be
astonished how powerfull is
E4K, surprisingly for it`s
size. And when you dont
need this power, you can
expect night-long
MID mode, that
will give you enough
light for illuminating
path ahead of you.
And if you put on sort of
diffusor, and hang E4K,
That will be bright camp light.
350 lumens, believe me, is
sort of short lasting turbo
for most of camp lights.
and here it will be 9 hours long!
No throw at all, of course,
u cannot expect it from
such LEDs and optics.
Well, that is all.
Hope you got the idea
what to expect from E4K,
please comments your impression.
Dont forget to like this
video and support my channel this way.
And, of course, of course, dont
forget to subscribe –
i review most of new flashlight
and honestly call things their names
in my reviews. So they are honest.
If you like E4K, there is a link
to store where you can buy it,
just check video desciption.

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Survival Gear Giveaway Lowest Price For CBD

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