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  1. The TN12 2014 uses Li-ion 18650 batteries, the battery tube is long enough and wide enough to comfortably take protected Panasonic 18650 NCR18650B cells.

    If you are concerned about recharging the 18650 cells away from home you can use a micro usb charger such as the XTAR MC1 and a powerbank charged with a folding solar panel or a device like the eBoot 5000mAh Solar Panel Charger. The XTAR MC1 is not weather proof and will require care in packing and use, for use in a car or truck with a cigarette lighter usb convertor it is perfect and cheap glovebox charger.

    The Eboot / XTAR MC1 does work, as i have used this method myself, but almost completely drains the 5000mAh eBoot battery to charge the 3500mAh Panasonic due to conversion losses. The use of larger folding panel charger such as the Anker 14w panel and an Anker 12000mAh power bank allows for more recharging of devices, but at the cost of space weight and money.

    My Poncho is my favorite item.

    Thank you for all your efforts in making the video, take care and God Bless all.

  2. was there a flashlight in this vid? I've watched over and over but don't see it…..seriously those are great flashlights. Funny bear….

  3. Good light and review Cindy! Great review as always. About the BOB I would always have extra Magnesium Shavings fire starter.

  4. Another nice idea for the BOB bag – dryer lint. Keep a supply in a Pringles can in the event that you may not have a quick access to initial fuel for a fire. It lights up quickly.

  5. Is difficult for me to understand this  "bug out bag " thing . Is it, in US , a very prevailing idea of " end of the world" and better be ready for the worse and why ? Is it the terrorism , the hurricanes , tsunami or economic crisis ? Me, if something like , i don't know, apocalipse would happened, I would take a bug out bag as light as possible. Why ? Because i might have to travel long distance . And further more, preppers and bug out people, FIND AS QUICKLY AS U CAN A LARGE COMMUNITY OF PEOPLE OR ELSE,U ARE DEAD, IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW MUCH FOOD, WEAPONS AND TOOLS YOU HAVE !!!!