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  1. Love all your videos and find your youtube channel the most informative out there. Shout our from New Zealand.

  2. thank you you are very inventive in your prep you are not gust a clone prepper. with 10000 rounds of ammo and 2 cans of food you are very well rounded i try to do the same i would like to collect seeds its one thing to bug out it would be devastating to me to fight to get to safety gust to starve when you get their thank you my cousin to the noth😎

  3. Was not able to get to this til now, sorry man. You put out some of the best stuff going. – CEREBRAL – and on top of it, high value ideas and production, I told you when I first found this channel, this stuff. I am glad to see you thinking always… about something. It causes the ripple for others to do the same and for that, I am grateful.

    — I was hit by a car the other day after I left the woods – quiet street at the time, walking up the sidewalk to my house and boom – guy not paying attn and I have a lot of injuries from the head down. Nothing you can do to prepare for that it turns out. LOL. I could use some prayer – but I wanted to chime in and say diversify stuff, don't depend on companies like YT and Google and other gov't hacks proven to be connected to harming the people man, you know this — they are linked to treasonous acts against the people. PRISM, the stuff Edward Snowden proved to be true, warrantless data mining and collection of our data, etc etc. I would love to know you are well taken care of with your family… because you have helped wake people up and teach us things. These companies could shut you down, any of us, any time they want. I want to make sure you are OK long term as a human being. Not just a YT channel. I love what you do brother, all the best from here in Canada with ya. Blessings man, thanks for all you do.

  4. I think you may have many more friends than you believe ……. Keep up the excellent work.

  5. To me, a permanent shelter should be build to be inconspicuous and in a location that has access to water (a well that produces uncontaminated water would be ideal) and where agricultural production is possible. With regard to food production, I feel a polyculture nut and fruit trees and self-pollinated, non-GMO field crops (grain crops, soybeans, etc.) which would be less likely to be detected by someone scouting for food. Eventually, though one variety of a crop or another will eventually succumb to a disease which can destroy an entire crop and that is why a polyculture is essential to survival in terms of agricultural production.

  6. Your videos on Youtube are very unique. I love the prepping videos you make. Keep up the good work. The psychological aspects are very good. Hardly anyone else does these. Awesome!