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  1. Nice, compact and well thought out kit! By the way, what is the capacity of the water bottle and the nesting cup?

  2. Good stuff ! I like the small size, and ease of carry. Having multiples, or back up resources is a good idea, but not in the same container, if its lost there goes all of your specific items. I think having a sealable bag around the kits is a good idea, but bagging each item may be overkill. 1 Quart of water per day ?….1 gallon is the minimum, but if your on the move trying to get back home or to safety, you're gonna need 3 times that ! Love the kits inside, first aid, fishing, fire starter, utility, nicely done. A good starter mini kit to keep in the car, at work, or as a smaller backup to a larger pack.

  3. One quart of water per day? Not true, especially if you are walking and sweating.

  4. Whew! I don't know why this isn't the best emergency kit, that you can actually carry, I've seen yet on YouTube. You did a wonderful job.

  5. A Day Pack with "The Ten Essentials" by the Seattle Mountaineers will keep you safe overnight and bring you home the next day. Use and bring the Day Pack on every short Day Hike. Carry a six pack to a case of water in the trunk of the car, so will have water near by. People visit the Top of the Tram and have to call 9-1-1 because they did not have a flashlight or warm jacket for when the sun set… And a French couple died taking a short Day Hike at WSNM in the sand dunes (the infant baby survived). tjl

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  7. Olá amigo eu não entendi nada do que você falou porque infelizmente não estudei Inglês mas gostei do kit que você montou Parabéns. Abraço! Rio de Janeiro Brazil

  8. GOOD video; SOME good ideas.

    You called your water filter by the brand name LIFESTRAW- it is NOT.

    The batteries are NOT protected from discharge, should they touch the metal container AND could start an internal fire!

    Only 4 hooks?

    You have a kids toy whistle/ compass/ magnifying glass (plastic NOT glass).

    The cotton fire starters are NOT bagged.

    GOOD 8 hour fire starters for rain.

    Fresnel lens is plastic and NOT a very useful fire starter. (just try it)!

    A hands-free headlamp from a dollar store is better than 2 handheld flashlights which DO NOT allow you use of both hands. I paid $12 for mine, uses 1 AAA battery, has red & white LED's.

    Your nesting cup for HOT soup has NO handle for boiling water. OUCH!

    Duct tape is also a Firestarter tinder.

    I HAD the same water bottle. Have a better one now.

  9. I attached another drop pouch to the side with a military poncho and 3600 cal coast guard brick wrapped up inside