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  1. I've carried this light for two years now and absolutely love it. I can operate it fine with one hand. I don't think it has ever turned on on it's own. With only a half turn it won't turn on from pressure applied to the front. I carry it in my jeans coin pocket which keeps it from moving throughout the day. If you need both hands free it's small and light enough to hold in your mouth. IMO, this is the perfect edc light. One battery usually lasts me a month of sporatic use. Also, for you super geeks out there, there is enough material on the tail (3.4mm) to file a slot for a Tritium vial.

  2. The twist interface is soooo easy to use. The complaints are unsubstantiated I mean c'mon, ya twist it 1/4 turn and it's on, 1/4 turn and it's off. So what's the problem? As far as it comming on in your pocket or pack well, 1/2 turn and it won't come on. Now is it that hard really?? Oh one other thing, this light is a triple "a" powerhouse. I'm very impressed with how far single aaa flashlights have come!

  3. An Alternate Choice:. I needed a light for my keychain that was very easy to find and turn on. I bought a MechArmy SGN5. It has 4 light settings (lumens) 3/30/120/560 (rounded). Three lumens is perfect for walking into a darkened theater w/o disturbing anyone else. 560 lumens is a lot of light for any looking within 15-25 feet of you. I don't have need of any more light.

    The flashlight shape is like a narrow, small matchbox. I don't need two hands to operate the light. I can tell tactilely if I have the broad side up and a brush of my thumb tells me if I have the button side up. If not, a quick flip puts the button side up. One push gives me three lumens for low light tasks. Two pushes gives me the brightest level as when I am making my way down the back steps at home. To get use of the two middle light levels, I turn on the lowest level then hold down as it steps through the other light levels.

    weight: .9 oz, rechargeable, replaceable battery, 115dB siren included. Best way to attach to keychain:. Use included lanyard to put two inches of space between your keyring and your flashlight end. this will allow all your keychain junk to be out of the palm. In your hand is only the light and soft rope. $32 shipped. Cheaper, lower output versions are available from other companies. outstanding feature:. Easy to manipulate with one hand.

  4. With your budget, you can't get a pop screen so we don't have to listen to all of your swallowing and saliva noises?? …in every one of your videos

  5. Like a gun, the best one is the one you have with you at all times. I've had mine for 3 years or so, and I carry it every day. I absolutely love the convenience and dependability. I even like the twist on/off because i do not have to reposition to click a button…just point and twist. The light works well for most of my needs and fits great in dress pants or jeans. Plenty of bang for the buck here.

  6. I don't like shiny chrome products. Matt or stonewashed is perfect for me. That shiny products look bad after some months of banging against keys.

  7. Ditch the clip, it's a gimmick on a tiny light like this. Attach a keychain and one-hand operation works PERFECTLY (for knife guys… it's like adding a lanyard to a ladybug, which suddenly makes one-hand operation possible).. I have the Maratac copper AAA, which is basically the same form factor (with nice threads… highly recommended).

  8. This has been my edc light for 3 or 4 years now, and I absolutely love it; but, you're spot on with the criticisms. It's STILL gritty, the battery life is not great, and until you get used to doing a half turn when turning it off it can accidentally come on in your pocket. Other than that, it's perfect for when you want something you can stick in your watch pocket, and you need it on for just a few minutes every night.