11 thoughts to Survival Gear Guide 2019 Where Can I Order At 7:02

  1. I like your new pack load out.
    I see you are still using the Loksack, and I was wondering if we would see your Parang again.
    By the way, last backcountry hike I went on, I brought some nice chunky fresh ground pepper in a little plastic bottle, and that was a huge moral booster.
    Thanks for sharing, I enjoy your vids.

  2. Always nice to get a glimpse inside a fellow adventurers pack. i would like to see a vid with more detail on your hammock setup.

  3. you know… i study engineering and my professor brought in some socks that are made with nanotechnology, and according to the manufacturer you could where the socks for 6 months sans any effects to your feet. some pretty interesting stuff.

  4. Hello from N.W. Iowa, up near spencer. I don't call mine a bug out bag either, I call it a wilderness sustainability bag. Why? It is there to help you sustain your viability for living while your living. Simple as that. If I ever went to peru or brazil to do stuff in the woods It would have to be with a hammock, No way I would sleep on the ground with all those snakes and insects that can kill you. Even in rattlesnake country in the united states a plastic urinal goes in the hammock with me.

  5. Hammock is a good all around option if there are trees available to hang from. I built in a LOT of flexibility with regards to shelter. There were 2 nights where hammock was not an option. One was on a sandbar with no trees and the other was when we stayed in a school house in a village. I was glad to have the mosquito net and tarp along on those nights.

  6. Really like the videos, your about the true enjoyment of the outdoors.there is a time and place for that,there is also a time and place for the SURVIVAL mentality.I have both a hiking pack and most of the time I have a 22 youth with me and my survival pack has a different list of stuff in it and a little more firepower.you appear to really love packing out and make great videos thanks bub keep it up

  7. Oh hey have you tried a basher shelter? ridge line,tarp,mosquito net hammock and two spreader poles you take from the surroundings. Its light effective and packs up real small and does away with a bunch of your stuff. Some people cant sleep in a hammock soI get all the stuff I just got used to it in the corps. Took a while but I like it now

  8. Yes, I've seen alot of videos of bugging out if this and that happened, but alienating yourself is probably not the way to go in all honesty, it sounds good and if one has the skills more the better, but one's zeal can blind you to the truth/reality. People need people.