10 thoughts to Survival Gear Guide Cheap Discount Price Buy Here At 8:42

  1. +1 on Target and budget cookware. I bought a nice Calfalon cast-iron skillet that I love. It has worked in the kitchen and on the campfire perfectly, for half the price of a Lodge

  2. Just bought one of these today, nice little light but I am still going to be buying a nice streamlight that pumps out 600 lumens for 100 but this is a great little pocket light.

  3. Great review Held alot of info and made me laugh alot too you sound alot like seth Rogan

  4. I'm a career Firefighter/EMT and I carry one on me at all times.  It works great, I won't cry if I lose/break it in the field and it's light enough to not be a burden.

  5. I have this mounted on an AR because I wanted to test it's durability. It works fine. The recoil doesn't phase it at all. Not really combat-grade due to the low light output for urban environments.

  6. well damn… if I cant store my light in a jar of water all the time then its worthless… LOL. that was funny. In my research, I found that there are actually two versions of this; the Cree version is the best.