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  1. So is this case available for nexus 6? Because I was looking at it on amazon and it just said android phones but I'm just wondering because the nexus 6 is a big phone and not like many of the small android phones…

  2. Hello, Thank you for the video. I have an X Dragon solar charger, looks very similar to your charger. Is it important to know which of the outgoing plugs is used for which device? It does not say any numbers on them. I noticed that the USB cord does not connect to my Nabi tablet. I think it will charge my phone only. I could not find a very good instruction manual or q and a web page for this. Do the lights go off when it is fully charged? Is it safe to leave it in full sunlight behind a window? Thank you. Nicki

  3. Hi, thank you for the video! I have a question, how do you turn off the light? while I my bag the light turned on and it isn't turning off, using up all of the battery. I tried to hold it, didn't work, tried to double tap it and the light started to do the Sosa thing, and then I double taped it again and it went off and the LEDS came on, but a second later they went off and the regular light came back on again. have you had this problem, and if you did, how did you solvent it?

  4. I bought the device 1weak ago and was working perfectly, but it doesn't switch off now. Neither automatically nor manually when i press the button for long time. The indicator keeps on blinking. Do you have any idea regarding my querry??

  5. This takes 8 to 20 "DAYS" to fully charge with the solar feature (per seller's description) that was why I opted for a 20,000 mah unit non-solar at the same price, the solar is mostly a sales gimmick, imo.
    AC charge time is 8-10 hrs for it, 15-16 for the 20,000 mah unit, hope this helps some of you.

    Btw: Solid review Hamster

  6. I got this yesterday for the raffle at work. The power button to turn on the side light is a bit different than yours, mine I have to double tap it. No issues so far, haven't tried the solar charging yet, and the cool thing about it the package comes with these two LED lights.