8 thoughts to Survival Gear Guide Magazine Where Can We Order At 18:42

  1. What is it about guns, knifes and flashlights? We can never get enough of them. I have a flashlight in all my cars, a couple in the house and in the garage and one on my side. With the alien technology available I guess I'll be looking for another flashlight for work. Your costing me money. (ha ha)

  2. I love my Ti3 but DON'T carry it clipped to your pocket like a pocket knife. I've already lost 2 clips that came off under normal EDC use.
    Luckily Thrunite sent a completely new Ti3 after I lost the first clip.

  3. Y'all seen the video here on YT where a guy waxes one into a shotgun .12 gauge shell. It is worth a look. Aliens or LED?