10 thoughts to Survival Gear Guide Magazine Where To Shop At 2:42

  1. Nice blades Paul. They all get the job done and for not a lot of money spent on them. I especially like that Tennessee Trapper, great looking knife.  That Hobo is pretty cool too, I don't think I have seen one quite like it.

  2. Nice folders Paul i really like the fork,knife and spoon knife very cool !
    thanks for sharing
    atb john

  3. Using a full curl blade to open the box? I had the same one but I lost it 🙁 Continuing to watch the rest of the video now.

  4. Nice knives Paul.  I like the look of the Uncle Henry, and it's the best possible value.  You just can't go wrong with a Case, and the Hobo looks very handy.  I'm bad for forgetting utensils.  All together, they are a nice selection of knives to have on hand.  Thanks for sharing, take care.  ATB Nick.