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  1. great load out bro. hope you have a great time. that blueline is a sweet little light. I take mine everywhere. A bit beat up now, may replace it soon with another one. Stay safe!

  2. I enjoy car camping for many reasons. But it gives me a chance to field test my new back packing gear as well. Have a great time.

  3. great load of gear! The best way to find out if gear works before you take a backpacking trip, is to take it car camping… hope all went well.

  4. hi, I'm planning to go to the Sarek National Park in Sweden so I'm searching for a nice 1 person tent, a backpack ( wich fit into about 70 liters ) and a sleeping pad.. all should be lightweigt and have a small size packed. if you have any suggestions i would be happy to hear it (: