Survival Gear Hacks How Can I Purchase

Here’s today’s tip to help you BE PREPARED
for an emergency situation.
This video will list 10 Essential Items that
you need to carry in your hiking backpack.
Having these items with you whenever you go
hiking in the backcountry is VERY important
– whether it’s a short hike for an hour or
so or a much longer hike.
Even though you may only use a few of these
items over time, or even none at all – always
having your hiking backpack with you and being
prepared for an emergency, or if something
goes awry, can be essential to your survival.
So here’s your hiking backpack checklist:
#1: LIGHTING – Always carry a flashlight or
headlamp… and include spare batteries and
bulbs in your hiking backpack too.
If you run out of daylight without a flashlight
light or headlamp, your risk of getting lost
is FAR greater… and you may not be able
to find your way back to your vehicle or trailhead!
You will also be WAY more vulnerable after
dark – as moving at night, without light,
can be VERY dangerous.
#2: FIRE STARTER – Ensure you are carrying
waterproof matches, a lighter, or a fire starter.
Fire is VITAL and will keep you warm – especially
if there’s a change in the weather…. you
have an injury…. or you will need to stay
outside overnight unexpectedly.
You can also use fire for drying clothes,
cooking, signaling for rescue, and keeping
animals away.
And for melting snow – to boil and use for
drinking water if needed.
#3: SHELTER – Always carry an orange tarp
for creating a makeshift shelter and an orange
blanket in your hiking backpack as well – to
keep you dry and warm.
Being orange means that they are highly visible,
so they can also be used as signaling devices.
#4: SIGNALING DEVICE – A whistle or a mirror
can be used for signaling if you’re lost or
injured – and will increase your chances of
being heard or seen.
Blowing a whistle takes WAY less energy than
having to shout and yell out… and the sound
carries further, too.
#5: Food And Water – For any number of reasons,
your hiking trip could last way longer than
Any activity outdoors takes energy, so having
extra food will give you the boost you need
if you have to deal with an emergency.
Water is EVEN more critical, as your body
needs it more than food.
In normal circumstances, a person can survive
only 3 minutes without air, three days without
water, and three weeks without food – so have
at least 1 liter of water spare.
#6: Extra Clothing – You need enough clothing
to keep you warm if there’s a change in the
Even in the summer, temperatures can quickly
change depending on the terrain.
So pack rain, wind, and waterproof gear, and
include warm headwear and leather gloves.
Many people misjudge the weather conditions
before they leave to enjoy the great outdoors
– so always BE PREPARED to survive an emergency
or change in the states.
#7: Navigation And Communication Equipment
– A GPS, cell phone, satellite phone, or handheld
radio—all with fully charged batteries and
or portable solar charger will be valuable
However, always carry maps and a compass if
nothing else – as your electronic equipment
may become useless.
#8: First Aid Kit – If you’re injured, being
able to rely on yourself for care is VERY
You may be in a situation where you can’t
use any of your electronic communication devices
and have no other means to call for immediate
You would also be wise to take a first aid
#9: Sun Protection – Protect yourself from
the sun and include sunglasses, sunscreen,
and a hat in your pack.
Sun exposure can lead to dehydration, hyperthermia,
and severe burns – in snowfields, it can also
lead to snow blindness.
All of these conditions can be very painful,
dangerous, and debilitating.
So here comes my final essential hiking backpack
But first, if I’ve helped, I would love it
if you could give me a BIG thumbs up.
And let me know your thoughts in the comments
as well.
I’ve also included links in the description
showing examples of all of the items mentioned.
#10: Pocket knife – A knife is an essential
survival tool, as you can use it to build
a shelter, collect firewood, source food and
cook with, and many other things.
And know how to use all of these items.
You don’t want to be having to learn new skills
in the middle of a crisis.
Whether it’s starting a fire, especially in
wet weather, using your maps and compass,
signaling with your mirror, or building a
makeshift shelter – learning all of these
skills can be life-saving.
Think like a YoYo Survivor, and BE PREPARED
for when You’re On Your Own.
And share this video with your family and
friends, too, so they can BE SMART and BE
READY with a hiking backpack that’s ready
for any emergency or survival situation.
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Stay Safe!

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Survival Gear Hacks How Can I Purchase

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