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  1. What sucks about these types of flashlights, with the focusing head, is that when you have the beam in a tight spot, there is absolutely zero spillbeam… Makes peripheral vision horrible in dark areas. Better off with Coast flashlights if you want adjustable beams, or better yet go with nitecore or thrunite, or fenix, you know, bright lights with Cree XML series bulbs, running on 18650s…. The J5 isn't horrible, but its not great.

  2. Mine power puch bottom break I puch the red tab the inside of the puch light keep on falling apart please let me know how to fix it

  3. Good flashlight, I personally don't like the multiple functions, but I guess I'm just used to maglite. The bulb on this flashlight somehow burned out after a while, was good while it lasted though

  4. Your instructions were a lifesaver. I've had this flashlight for 6 months, lost the instructions and couldn't figure out how to open it or anything. Thanks for showing how to replace the battery and all those subtle lite-touch features too, would've never been able to do it out without you. I wonder if the instructions I lost were even worth keeping? Thanks again.

  5. If you buy a 14500 rechargeable lithium battery you can double the brightness and range of throw!!! 14500 are the same size as AA batteries!

  6. This list is useful too, what you guys think?:
    It really helped me choose the right item


  7. I have a J5 actually.. Its durable! LoL but, it would get smoked by todays standards. A Royvon “key chain” light would wup its ass.. LoL These days my J5 serves as a vintage show piece.. I gave my buddy a Royvon 4000 LU “keychain” light. -Basically the candela equivalent to mace hahaha.. He clicked it into turbo and soiled his shorts LMAO!