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  1. Nice kit! Only thing I don't like about the UCO container you have is that the striker on the outsider is ruined if it gets wet. I always keep spare strikers inside the case where they'll stay dry (protected from the heads of the matches, natch).

  2. I would recomend that yoou get a couple small surgial scalpule blade or exacto blades and a suture kit

  3. you might think about about a handfull of power bars the kind with a long shelf life. Tastes good and 10 will go a long way to staving off starvation, high calorie 1 a day to live. i keep a bag like this in the trunk of my car in case i break down in the midddle of nowhere! Also if you have a prescription for pain meds after a hospital or dental visit but keep a few them in the prescription bottles!

  4. One thing you may want to add is anti nausea and anti diarrhea meds. Just my opinion.

  5. If you are interested in survival the best success that ive ever had was with the Survivor Crusher System
    (just google it) definately the no.1 survival that I've followed.

  6. Great kit. I really like the radio for checking the weather and not having to rely on batteries. As often as you head into the great outdoors I know you probably have everything you need and it is so compact. If a kit is too big you might not take it for a short trip, but disaster can happen anytime. Thanks!

  7. It's a BRUNTON not a burton. A Brunton compass, properly known as the Brunton Pocket Transit, is a precision compass made by Brunton, Inc. of Riverton, Wyoming.