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hi it’s AlaskaGranny my idea of a
bug-out bag is something that can help
you evacuate an emergency situation not
necessarily a survival situation most important prepping supplies most of
us need to decide what are the risks dangers threats emergencies
where I live what if there was an
earthquake a volcano a tornado a forest
fire and I was forced to evacuate my
home those are the risks that you need
to prepare for your bug out bag should
be something that you can grab and go
you can evacuate get to safety take care
of yourself for a few days then you need
to measure the risks where you live do
you live where it’s a cold wet or snowy
climate then your very first objective
should be something to keep you warm
shelter if you don’t have a way to make
a shelter some warm clothes and fire
starters you’re not going to be able to
cope more than a few hours you’re gonna
get too cold and be unable to take care
of yourself have basic ways to make a
shelter a black plastic bag some
emergency blanket paracord
maybe a tarp have an extra set of warm
clothes a jacket some gloves spare socks
and clean underwear to make sure you
have several ways to start a fire strike
anywhere matches to a fire starter get
several ways to start a fire that you
are able to do by yourself next
concentrate on water you should always
have some fresh drinkable water stored
with your bug out bag then you need to
have a way to filter water depending on
the emergency say an earthquake you may
need to find a way to clean turbid water
if you’re stranded out in the woods you
need a way to filter wild water make
sure you have a way to supply fresh
drinking water every bug out bag needs a
first aid kit make sure you get one
comprehensive that can take care
the needs that you may face make sure
you study also how to administer first
aid in an emergency have a supply of
basic hygiene supplies most third world
countries or people suffering through
major emergencies the cause of disease
and death is from poor hygiene people
get sick or disease from not being able
to keep things clean and well cared for
you need to deal with sanitation issues
besides your personal cleanliness so
that you can maintain good health have
some simple flashlights a headlamp a
small flashlight even a candle that you
could like to provide the light that you
need a candle is also useful for a
little bit of heat in a reflective
situation and you can even use it to
heat up a little bit of food or water if
you need it too next you need some tools
get a heavy-duty multi-tool a Swiss Army
knife depending on your circumstances a
cooking container that you could use to
boil a bit of water heat up something
like a mountain house dehydrated meal
and make sure you have simple basic
grab-and-go foods try to find foods that
you could just open and eat and you
don’t have to do any kind of preparation
in an emergency situation a vital
element to any bug-out bag is your
identification you need to be able to
show who you are your emergency contact
lists and important information like
your insurance companies and your
medical information make sure you have
an ample supply of cash in small bills
just because it’s an emergency doesn’t
mean you won’t be able to buy more
supplies or even buy yourself a night in
a hotel room so that you have some
shelter cash can be king in
emergency store your supplies in a
manageable size backpack it needs to be
something you could actually put on your
back and carry with you if you needed to
if you’re unsure if your bug out bag is
too large put it on your back and go out
and walk around your neighborhood or in
the woods for a few hours and see if
it’s just too much
then you need to pare it down to vital
essentials you don’t need the weight of
the world on your back in an emergency
you just need the vital supplies that
can help keep you safe and healthy until
you can deal with the next step of what
might be coming in your life learn more
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the alaskagranny channel

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Survival Gear Hats How To Purchase

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  1. Some sort of communications gear is good too. I have some ham radio equipment with a solar charger. Also a sat phone although I don't keep it in the backpack.

  2. Don't forget along with first aid, you'll need a supply of any daily medications you might have on prescription.

  3. Also instead of using regular toilet paper use the toilet paper tablets and keep some pepper spray on your person.

  4. Being an older woman I appreciate the BOB advice from someone closer to my age and from someone who lives in a cold climate like I do.