10 thoughts to Survival Gear Ideas Where Can I Buy At 4:40

  1. I hope you can do some more zippo videos aswell soon, looking forward to trick tutorials

  2. Don't open carry it the fire fly's will be pissed and then we will have to conceal our flash lights

  3. Just received my Ti2, and the threads were covered with metal shavings after cleaning them it revealed that the threads are almost completely destroyed. The flashlight still functions but obviously not very smoothly. So I think I am just going to stick with olight, fenix, and streamlight. Disappointed I wanted to try out the archer 2aa but don't want to be disappointed again.

  4. I love how people say he is only doing positive reviews because he gets them free. I have been using ThruNites since way before he reviwed them and love them

  5. This is the only brand I by. The best one I have found is model number Lynx Limited Edition ,Cree XM-L2 U2. It is a 1000 lume light. Makes for a great hand warmer to. They get hot on full power.

    semper fi steve

  6. bought a thrunite ti2 it quit working on me 3 days after i got it i loved the light but could not do anything about it not working.