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– I have the most awesome
wireless streaming
system power bank outdoor
speaker survivalist gadget.
– You won’t believe the price,
and we have a give away.
(inspirational music)
– And, the best thing is today
we’re not actually outside.
We’re just using an amazing set
at the YouTube studios so we could
bring survivalism and savings to you.
– Beautiful set.
– I’m glad you like it.
– I do.
– I’m the YouTube Deal Guy Matt Granite,
and I root for you
every day to save money.
– And, I’m his intern Dominique.
– The under $20 deal I found
for you today is a power bank,
a rugged, indestructible,
(pop music)
waterproof, bluetooth speaker,
a flashlight, and that’s just the start.
We have all the tests coming right up.
And, all the deals I
find, which are located
right under this video screen,
we unbox, we give away to
the amazing people watching.
Dominique is going to do a full,
and I believe super
special audio test today.
– Yes, I will.
– The audio out of this thing, amazing.
– Alright, inside this rubberized
protective exterior,
you have all the ports.
The USB port here, which I’m going to use
to charge a device
wirelessly, which is amazing.
You have a card reader, which is great
if you do want to put audio in on a card,
and then also you have the charge port
for this device itself,
and I got a full days worth
of battery life out of this with no issue.
Not only does this have a
high level of waterproofing,
but it is rugged, so
it can take a pounding,
and I’m going to show you
this demonstration right now
as I stream, and the
streaming range on this,
I mean you could stream
wirelessly from across the room,
at least 30 feet in all of our tests.
Check this out.
So, it’s starting to play.
(pop music)
Nothing, uninterrupted
sound, and I want you
to see the speaker’s wet.
I mean, this is just.
Directly into the speaker,
it’s still playing.
Awesome, rugged, and I
absolutely love the price.
– I love the flashlight on this,
but my favorite part is the power bank,
because I am a 21st century kid,
so I need to charge up my devices, yeah.
– You are not just a kid.
You are a distinguished teenager with
a lot of poise, better
posture than I have,
and we’re gonna do the full
test for you in a moment.
Is it better?
– Yeah, it’s good, just
don’t like go like that.
– It’s hard.
We’re sitting on wood
chairs in the middle of
a winter set with a campfire under me.
I’m not always, you know, choir posed.
– Okay, okay.
– Okay, we’re gonna give
this away in a moment,
but first to charge my Android phone
I’m merely putting a USB cord into here,
and you can use this to charge an iPAd.
It’s basically a power
bank that could handle
Apple, Android, and as
I plug the power cord
into my Prime phone that
I got a great deal on,
you can see it’s charging.
– Before I begin the flashlight test,
I just want you to know that there are
three levels of brightness on this
multitasking bluetooth speaker.
The first one is the
brightest, as you can see.
Second one, is a little bit
dimmer, but still very bright,
and the next one is S.O.S.
mode, you know it flashes,
and it’s for any cases of emergencies
that you may be put in.
All levels of brightness
can be accessed by
the power button right here.
Okay, right now it’s almost pitch black.
Now, check out the brightness
and amazingness of this flashlight.
Now, right here we have
the brightest level,
illuminates each item very well.
Next, we have the dimmer mode.
Still very bright, and like I said,
in case of emergencies,
we have the S.O.S. mode.
This also makes you visible
to emergency responders.
Now, to test this bluetooth speaker,
we’re going to stream
wirelessly off of Matt’s phone
using his favorite, Madilyn Bailey.
(“This Is What You Came
For” by Madilyn Bailey)
♫ Baby, this is what you came for
♫ Lightning strikes every time she moves
♫ And everybody’s watching her
♫ But she’s looking at you
– As you can see, this bluetooth speaker
is very small, very,
very, very small size,
so I was really surprised
when I heard the sound of it,
great sound quality, booming,
clear, precise, I love it.
– [Matt] It even has a built-in FM radio.
Absolutely awesome.
24 hours of play time.
The link, with a choice of colors,
located right under this video screen.
And now.
– It’s giveaway time.
– How’s my posture?
– Great.
– Don’t want to have bad posture
for a giveaway, right Dominique?
– You kind of do, but we’re just
gonna say great so we can move on.
– Alright, here ya go.
– Giveaway time.
– [Matt] Using TubeBuddies
random Pick a Winner tool
to find two subscribers who’ve commented
in the last six months,
congratulations crash3x.
Just e-mail [email protected]
at the address where you
want your freebie delivered,
and Debbie, you were so
sweet to congratulate
that last set of winners, and now you are
a winner yourself, go you.
Yes, you’ve won.
– You won!
– Wooh!
– Wooh!
– Did you know this was here?
– No.
– We could roast marshmallows with it.
We should do a s’mores segment.
– We should do that.
– Yes.
– Oh my goodness, that
is gonna be so cool.
– Okay, well we have.
– We’re gonna do that?
– Hopes, goals, and priorities,
and of course, to save money
on any future price job,
very easy process.
(Dominique gasping)
– We can find them discounted marshmallows
and we’ll put it on The Deal Guy.
– Who do you think is looking
for a marshmallow discount?
What if someone said oh my goodness,
I’m really overpaying on
marshmallows these days.
– People who want s’mores.
– Okay, we could do s’mores kits,
but I wouldn’t say the marshmallow
kits, like necessarily.
– Fine, fine.
– No, I support you,
but I was just thinking
that maybe a marshmallow savings
wouldn’t bring the masses
into this YouTube channel.
– Never know, but okay, okay.
– Okay, here’s how to subscribe.
– Click here on Matt’s
oversized, gigantic,
large, puffed out head to learn how to
turn your notifications on, and subscribe
and give it a big thumbs up.
– Absolutely, if you do need
help with the notifications
or leaving a comment,
just click over here.
– And, if you want to
see another amazing deal,
or just want to watch another
video, click right here.

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Survival Gear Images Buy Cheap Price Online

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