7 thoughts to Survival Gear In Bryan Tx How Can One Buy At 13:45

  1. Are these really necessary? Won't flashlights with spare batteries work? I was thinking of getting flares for my 12 Gauge.

  2. The original USA Cyanamid made Cyalume lightsticks are amazing. Have a box of green made in 6/1988 with expiration of 6/1992 that still work great. Even an oranfe one with expiration 5/1990. Down to a few left so better not use them for another 10 or 20 years to see how they hold up. Cheers…

  3. These are incredibly usefull to provide little light over long period. For example you can snap one and drop it into your tent, that way you can see inside and dont have to waste your flashlight. You can also hang it from a tree to mark the position of lets say your camp when you leave in the night. Also, if tie a cord on one of these and start roatating it over your head, it gives a pretty visible signal. You can put one in your bagpack tied on a cord.

  4. There are these small rocks you can buy that emit just enough light for reading for something like several years before running out, can't remember what they are called though!

  5. You can usually find the expired ones cheaper in stores or on ebay. Nice to know that they still work. I'll probably go buy some.