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  1. The internet is a weird dimension… I was on optics planet last night looking at different bags and this bag really cuaght my eye and this morning this video was at the top of my youtube feed.

  2. I know this is an older video but the only things I would do differently is add a ferro rod and change my pack to something that had a little more breathability in the back panel

  3. I would reccomend u metal water bottle because plastic ones make the water a bit toxic and can break very easly and make your backpack all in water and moisture… in the winter or colder temperatures can make big problems… u have great channel and sense of humor thank u for all great stuff

  4. I would recommend getting a huge can of home defense spray instead of bear spray if you don't have bears where you live. Home defense spray is designed to work against humans… Bear spray empties out very, very quickly because it's designed to make a fog that the bear can't stand to run through because its nose is so sensitive. The fog will go everywhere including your face. Home defense spray doesn't empty as quickly and you can get it in a stream, fog or or gel. You can aim it specifically at individual people over and over and if you get a stream/gel it will be way less likely to blow back. If you need something to use at home, too, bear spray is a HORRIBLE IDEA. Home defense spray is specifically made for that. Bear spear will ruin everything you own

  5. Hey buddy. I'm going through my playlist commenting on old videos trying to see how the creator feels about these older showcased products. Would you still recommend them? Or have you found something better to replace them with? Kindly let me know so I can update my playlist with the latest and greatest review so when I finally save up enough money to buy everything I can still be current.
    Thank you!

  6. If a person is attacking me? Oh I'll use the best spray to defend myself to hell with the law to save my life definately.