8 thoughts to Survival Gear In Fairbanks Alaska How To Buy At 2:46

  1. Nice video, i came to your channel by +the mi woodsman. I subbed on your channel. Greetings and a nice day

  2. a very good flashlight they make a 6k lumens turns night into day. your english is very clear , better than some americans. are you filming in native norway . i love norway.

  3. Thank you for the review, I was so impressed, my son bought me one! lol
    Got to say I am not disappointed either, it is an amazing torch and seems to be very tough. Now its my second favourite torch and an every day carry…
    Be well,

  4. I were so impressed with the first one I bought, I ordered another a week later.
    Thrunite have got so many things right with this torch, I'm now looking at other models they make.

  5. Already ordered one: I am changing my Nitecore MH12 for this, because it is so much lighter and compact.
    Can't wait to see how long it will last with a Panasonic Eneloop Pro 950 mAh battery.

  6. if you personally could only have one, would you choose the cool white or the neutral?
    color rendering aside the cool sure looks brighter.

  7. Im not a big flashlight kinda guy, I have the Fenix pd35, the Olight s10 baton and this little Thrunite ti3. And must admit, I find the little Thrunite the most usefull, its my favourite light.