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rechargeable squeeze flashlights do they last best rechargeable flashlights do rechargeable flashlights last
hi it’s AlaskaGranny do you ever see
these wind up flashlights rechargeable squeeze flashlights that you
grasp them and you pump on them with your
they seem like a great idea they’re
small and lightweight and you can put
them in your bug out bag in your car in your emergency gear with your survival supplies
all kinds of places and you think when
you’re ready to have an emergency
you just need to pump it up
my experience with these crank up pump up rechargeable squeeze flashlights is
the flashlights just don’t last I have
several different kinds and brands I leave them around
in places like my Bug-Out Bag I don’t
want to worry about the batteries being
expired and I can still crank up and squeeze to recharge the flashlight
I need a flashlight and want a flashlight that will work
don’t waste your money on these small hand squeeze
hand cranking flashlights they’re not well made
they’re not long-lasting they’re not
dependable in a real emergency situation
you’re going to need a flashlight you
can depend on
don’t go to your Bug Out Bag or your survival gear or
emergency kit and this flashlight is what you have
and find out you don’t have a flashlight
at all to count on get an Eton wind up emergency radio flashlight for a wind up flashlight that works and has a radio
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Survival Gear In Frederick Maryland Buy At Discount Price

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  1. Thanks for the info. One thing we found when we had no electricity during and after hurricanes was what a pain it is to have to wind up a flashlight that doesn't last very long. We found some small led lights online that run on battery, USB (can plug them into a battery pack also) & can plug into the wall outlet & they have a clip & can also be placed on the table. They were very handy we didn't have to hold them. We also had flashlights that had a USB that we could attach to a little power pack if need be. We found it best to have a variety of different lights. We also have 2 small solar panels so we can recharge the battery packs. The battery packs also charged our cell phones so we never lost communication.
    Love your videos. Very good information. Good to test out things before the emergency!!

  2. I got a similar product like that when they were getting popular and after a year, no matter how much I charged them they dimmed.

  3. Just picked up a bunch of these at dollar tree in florida. For one dollar a piece they seem ok to me. 3 led bulbs and I turned the light on the first one I grabbed, let it go for an hour before it died. Squeeze it up and its going again. I understand what you are saying though. When you need light you need light. An alternate solution would be advisable.