12 thoughts to Survival Gear In Frederick Maryland Buy Online At 6:41

  1. I dunno…I guess if ya was overrun with crickets…but if they are more scarce, use 'em for fish bait. Ya get more meat
    that way(8-). The rest of the "kit" was pretty cool though. Thanks for the "tour" you two(8-).

  2. I don't know how to build a survival shelter 🙂 . You think you could build one somewhere and stay in it overnight and test some of your gadgets. Be cool video.

  3. Love the Apocabox idea! OMGOSH, this is COOL! Thank you for posting and sharing these!

  4. Survival videos don't usually give me a boner…..
    Dude, her biceps and deltoids are almost as big as mine!

    (Cricket breath and all)