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  1. I love my ThruNite headlamp…When you turn the lights off or they go off you can point that light straight up on the ceiling and it lights up the whole room in a soft light reflecting off the ceiling…Good vid…

  2. Looks pretty good. My Princeton Tec has never let me down. If i ever buy another headlamp, I'll probably go with a Zebralight.

  3. Thanks for posting your video. I just put a video on my channel for a headlamp alternative for $1. If you have a chance to check out my video I would appreciate it. Thank you.

  4. To fix a fogged lense, fire-up a cigarette or cigar and roll the red hot end over the lense. This will turn the moisture on the lense back to a gas which can escape. My Grandpa taught me this 50 plus years ago to get the moisture on the inside of my wrist watch back to a gas which can then escape.