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emergency toilet and supplies luggable loo sanitation plan for emergencies portable toilet for camping or prepping supplies
hi its Alaska Granny if there is ever going to be
an emergency I want to find one of these
Reliance Luggable Loo portable toilet ready for my use so I have one of these emergency toilets and
I’m in my laundry room and I’m going to
show you how I have it packed with prepping sanitation supplies I probably
will need to use it here at home if
there’s ever like a big emergency but if
there’s a bug out emergency I am
grabbing my honey bucket my Luggable Loo emergency portable toilet so
first it has the lid which is a potty or toilet seat
and I’ve got all kinds of things inside
but you can see it’s a regular toilet seat
so what you do is you remove the lid and
then you would line the bucket with a plastic bag and then
you would line it with a plastic bag and
you put the lid back on you use the
emergency potty toilet and and you can dispose of it waste
so let me show you emergency sanitation supplies what I have stored in here I
have pack of toiletries things like hair
brushes mirror shampoo anything eye drops
whatever I think I might need I have a
box of tissues I have a bag with
plastic gloves I have some little
candles with matches I have lighters
safety pins I have three different kinds
of hand sanitizer
Vaseline petroleum jelly and then
there’s cotton balls so that if I needed
to start a fire in an emergency I could if I just wanted some
cotton balls and and Qtips cotton swabs for
sanitation I have that as well the next
thing I have three rolls of toilet
paper and I packed each one individually
wrapped up so that if for any reason one
should get wet the others don’t
here that has a piece of
clothesline it has a packet of chemicals
to put in the toilet if you wanted to
use it that way I have some zip ties and
Swiss Army knife and clothes pins I have a cheap
shower curtain so for some reason I
needed to use this outside somewhere I
could use the shower curtain the clothes
line of clothes pins or maybe the zipties
and make a little privacy screen
around it from whatever I could find on
hand some other plastic bags I have a
flashlight it’s one of those that you
click on it to wind it up so it’s like
doesn’t have batteries
it’s one that you squeeze to pump it up
and then it turns on and I keep
everything in here in a bag so that
it doesn’t get wet for any reason then I
have some bottles of water because you
never know when you’re going to need a
little extra water so I have two bottles
of water in here I have work gloves and
the work gloves go with the little trowel
because should emergency this go on too long I might
need to dig a hole and put some of this in it I was reading that an
average person should expect to have a
five gallon bucket of waste per person
in a week wow I have baby wipes we want to
be clean there’s some more water I have
a selection of big garbage bags I have
these would be what I would use for the
liners they’re the tall kitchen bags and then
what I would do is load one in here and
maybe put some sand or sawdust or even
kitty litter if a kitty can keep going in the
box and you just scoop it out why can’t
people I have some alcohol have some
peroxide and I have solar light and what
I figure if I have to put this outside
somewhere I can pull the little tab out
during the daytime so that this can get
charged and then I’ll have a little
light to put near my little honey
bucket portable toilet so if someone needs to know exactly
where it is in the dark and they don’t
have a flashlight they can still find it
so that’s what I have in here for emergency sanitation there’s
the toilet paper water peroxide alcohol
so I have all these
things in my Reliance Luggable Loo or honey bucket emergency toilet portable toilet and then I
have it put aside with my bug out gear
so you can see now with all the stuff
out of it
the lid is going to snap on and then you
can just pull it open and do your
close the lid and I hope I’m not the
only one that thinks that this is a
great idea so tell me what plans you
have for taking care of human waste and emergency sanitation needs
if there is a problem where you live so
I hope you’re enjoying my videos and if
please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel

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Survival Gear In Virginia Beach How To Shop

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  1. FYI the tote toilet lid has a rubber gasket on it to keep the smell from permeating the area, great idea. Plan on getting one of those tote toilet seats.

  2. Love its dual purpose as a sanitary objects bug out bag, lol. What made you choose something basic vs a more elaborate porta potty?

  3. I bought a couple of snap on toilet seats that fit 5 gallon buckets. I will use plastic bag liners, too but instead of kitty litter I will use coco coir since it is used in composting toilets. But I like the idea of putting the things you need in the bucket so I will probably put in the bags, TP, wipes, hand sanitizers and the coco coir. i won't mix #1 & #2 since that will create a Big Stink!

  4. Thats cute as hell… in a true bug-out emergency however, you'd be better served with a folding spade. Seriously. all the wipes and sanitizers and fluffy TP are nice. but the Bottom line is, in an emergency thats all optional stuff that takes up space and weighs a LOT, My bug out gear focuses on FOOD. which has to come first or you're just plain not gonna need a potty. one gallon of water weighs eight pounds! Screw carrying all that. get a life straw and purification tablets. you've packed for camping… CABIN Camping. NOT Bugging out. They actually use those buckets on a daily basis in some parts of Alaksa… do you suppose they'll grab THAT in an emergency? I bet they don't. Just sayin.

  5. That's a great video……with the purchase of the loo…did bags come with it…or just the toilet seat and bucket…….

  6. Do you think the liners are heavy enough for a lot of urine? But kitty litter is a good idea.i have a big steal shovel cuz our ground is very hard here