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hey guys this is Andrew with my watch addiction
.com and instead of doing a watch review
today today we’re gonna do a mystery box
unboxing for three separate mystery
boxes that I received thanks to winning
a raffle in one of the watch Facebook
groups now before we get started though
and tear into these boxes I have to tell
you a little bit about the background
behind this waffled because to me it’s
pretty interesting and I am so happy to
be a part of it so about a month ago I
had one of the members of one of the
Facebook groups that I’m a member of
reach out to me and say hey we’re trying
to get something together for another
member do you have any watches do you
have anything that you would like to
donate towards a mystery box I shed let
me rephrase that I said sure why don’t
you tell me about it
so evidently one of our members of this
Facebook group and gentleman by the name
of Trevor was retiring from the Navy
after 22 years of service now during
these 22 years of service he had always
had the hopes of building up enough and
purchasing his Grail watch was an Omega
now unfortunately before Trevor retired
he didn’t have a chance to pick up his
Omega that he was always looking for so
this this member of this Facebook group
that reached out to me is was I should
say actively trying to get a mystery box
together that could be raffled off and
fund the purchase of this Omega watch
that Trevor had always wanted and they
wanted to give it to him for a
retirement gift as a thank-you for 22
years of service in the Navy I said
absolutely I have no problem paying it
forward I love to help out other people
when I can so I packed up two or three
different watch
a bunch of other goodies to add to the
donation on this mystery box sent it out
everything’s all good they accumulate
everything that’s going to be no need
excuse me donated towards this raffle
and they said okay now it’s time for
this raffle now if you’re not familiar
with a raffle or a waffle on line
basically what it is is you have a set
number of slots each person or anybody
that wants to participate can purchase a
slot and then at the end when all the
slots are filled the moderator or the
person in charge of the raffle or raffle
will go ahead and use random generator
and take a spin and I’ll randomly select
one of those people in those slots to
win the mr. Knox now this specific
waffle was $100 per slot and if you
bought two slots you got a third bonus
spot for free for the first five people
once they announced it I know I already
donated a few watches that was a good
chunk of change said you know what this
is a good cause I’m gonna throw my hat
the ring recognizing that personally I
never win anything never win anything at
all and it drives me nuts aw I figured I
was just it was a donation for me I knew
I wasn’t gonna win I didn’t think I was
gonna win so all the slots get filled it
comes time for the waffle to be ran and
lo and behold I win blew my mind
I won this four thousand dollar plus
waffle in this group so today what we’re
actually going to be doing is we’re
going to be opening up all the boxes
that I received is a part of this
mystery box waffle that funded the
purchase of the Omega Grail for Trevor
Trevor incidentally thank you for your
service there’s numerous service members
active in these groups and I appreciate
each and every one of you guys so let’s
get started and see what we got
so if you’re not familiar with mystery
this may or may not be a shock to you
but you never know what you’re gonna
give within this one ox and that’s part
of the excitement I mean you guys see me
do watch game subscriptions all the time
part of the reason why I do them is not
for the value of the watch but because I
love being excited it’s like a kid on
Christmas never knowing what you’re
gonna get so these mystery box auctions
or these mystery box waffles are
absolutely no different I’ve seen a
number of crazy things come out of
mystery boxes so the fact that I’m
actually recording this while I’m
opening these puts a lot of faith in the
people that put these mystery boxes
together because some of them can be
downright inappropriate which is awesome
so we have our first mystery box
incidentally we have three mystery boxes
one of them which is this one right here
I’m gonna fly through real quick because
this is actually the box that I donated
for this mystery box auction or our
mystery box waffle I should say so I
pretty much know what’s in that already
again because I’m the one that donated
it so well we’ll fly through that one
when we get to it but let’s take a look
at this first one so pulling out of this
box the first thing we have is a watch
which incidentally I’m gonna fly through
these because this is a pretty big box
or set of boxes so we’re gonna fly
through these then I’ll take pictures at
the end and post up everything that I
got and right out of the gate very first
thing is we get an e guard
civil egard from yard watches right off
the bat that watch is probably 150
dollar watch give or take I’d have to
look it up but right off the bat there’s
150 dollars of the 200 dollars that I
purchased next what do we have we have a
JetSet nice black JetSet I’ve never
had a JetSet watch don’t know anything
about them I think if I remember
correctly they were either a black or
original tier from watch gang so I’m
going to have to do some research and
find out about
those but we’ll come back and take a
look at these watches at a later date so
we have a black jet set so right out of
the gate $200 spent we have the jet set
in civil egard next what do we have here
Rockwell what is Rockwell huh Rockwell
digital watch again I don’t know
anything about it says Raider Project
gonna have to jump in and do some
research on this watch but it definitely
looks pretty interesting silicone bands
silicone watch case it looks like so
that one came in what else do we have in
this box and yes I am flying through
these because we have a buttload to get
through next we have an hour Ginty don’t
know anything about the watch gonna have
to jump in to it and take a look at it
set that guy off to the side also in
this mystery box we have a LED keychain
we have packs of gum and this right here
I know what you guys may think this is
in a little baggie like this but it’s
not this this is actually a ghost pepper
because the gentleman that packaged this
box knows that I hate hot things so he
threw this in to see if I could handle
it so this is a ghost pepper a little
bit dried up but I’m gonna have to check
that out and see if it’s anything that I
can deal with in the future because I
cannot stand spicy stuff I cannot stand
hot stop so that’ll be interesting so
Egard. Jetset at Rockwell Arjun T
watches all from the first box that’s
the first box alone second box is my box
so I can pretty much tell you what I
donated already um you guys are probably
gonna kick me because these are watches
you’ve actually seen me review in the
past but it was a good
a good cause and I wanted to pay it
forward so what did I donate to this
mystery box Boulder wallet because who
can’t have enough Boulder wallets I
forget what this one was oh this once
they watched it I donated this is that
Elliot havoc that you guys saw me review
that yeah you you guys saw me to review
that one in a previous video so we’ll
put that off to the side we have a breed
of watch that I had donated we have a
windbreaker a Marines windbreaker a
bunch of other stuff in here but here is
the watches that actually meant
something to me that I donated towards
this good cause and we’re just gonna get
this shit out of the way because again
guys I don’t want to be here all day for
you I don’t want to fly through it so
the first watch that I donated was that
Aragon silverjet ya guys know I love
that watch and that’s was tough for me
to donate what I did because again it
was for a good cause also what else did
I donate to it that Aragon big date that
you saw me review in a previous video so
I made the donation paid it forward
paid off in the end because I won this
waffle and I got the watches back that I
sent out which right here to me for the
two hundred dollars that I spent I made
my money back in these two watches right
here and they were my watches so I know
what kind of shape they are if you give
me a second I’m gonna rearrange the
camera and open our third and final box
because this guy is a monster and I want
you guys to be able to see everything
that we got in it so hold tight alright
so opening up this third and final
mystery box hit this guy open here wow
we have a lot of stuff in this box
let’s take a look we’re gonna fly
through this box also so we have a
Damascus steel pattern folding knife
well do we have in here we have a smart
stream wireless router with built in
Cody that’s got to be ninety seventy
five ninety bucks right there
what do we have here we have we have
tall shot glasses
everybody loves shot glasses packages
shot glasses couple ties you guys don’t
see it often but I wear suits every day
to work so those will come in handy we
have next a breed of watch looks like
let’s open this guy up and see what this
is that’s pretty sharp free to watch
fly through the rest of this stuff I
forget what the hell these things are
called beer stein I suppose nice older
looking beer stein I actually have a
bunch of Budweiser beer steins from a
previous mystery box that I had one this
is urban survival gear
it’s ashy meg pretty neat look at that
we have some MREs a lot of the guys in
this group are active in former military
so it’s pretty interesting I’ve never
actually seen one of these live because
I’ve never been in the military or other
than this group and really close with
anybody in the military so that’s that’s
pretty cool to see what else do we have
here we have a husky toolbox with savage
jerky or blend and then inside of here
we have look at this this is a savage
jerky pack so we’ve got teriyaki jerky
we have more jerky beer koozie that’s a
pretty cool little package right there
and all in a husky toolbox which is
pretty cool yes guys I know I’m flying
through this this that looks like a
diving knife if I drop shit all over the
that that handles pretty cool awesome I
love sharp shit this must have fallen
out of the other box here’s a savage
jerky mojo jalapeno hot sauce what else
do we have in here yep another shot
glass I won’t bother saying what it says
online let’s take a look we have a
another Jet Set look at that we got
another jet set black watch just like
the one we received in the other box so
I have another one of those which is
it’s a sharp-looking watch I don’t know
anything about them so I’m gonna have to
dive into them and their rights and we
have a VR headset that’s pretty cool my
son is gonna love that one we have a
bomber another watch I can’t wait to
jump into these watches and learn a
little bit about them what’s in here
Bone Collector so knives always go very
well with watches so we have another
knife and let’s see if I can get this
shut without slicing my finger off there
we go Bone Collector we have a USBC
charging cable again guys this is a
mystery box so you never know what
you’re gonna get we have another Gerber
knife pretty cool another knife in this
mystery box set this guy off to the side
what do we have in here this is
a Waller diver it looks like silicon
band I’m gonna have to jump into these
watches after and take a look and see
what I got because I don’t know anything
about some of these watches and save the
best for last I can already see it but I
am going to save that one sunglasses
what’s in here this is an air blue case
with more sunglasses don’t know if you
guys saw that err blue watch review that
I did but that’s an air blue watch case
and we have a Superman PEZ dispenser in
this mystery box as well okay we have an
LED flashlight this is pretty cool this
is a survival bracelet for anybody that
hasn’t seen one before I’m sure you have
paracord bracelet braided bracelet we
have survival clips there’s flint in the
clip there’s a couple different cool
things with that meat survival bracelet
the team with this mystery box let’s
take a look at some of these watches so
in here
looks like we have a new Ventus watch
and look at that I’ve actually had one
of these before and traded away and I
got one back these are really really
cool watch this is a Ventus black height
I’ll post up in right above here I
actually reviewed this watch that I had
received previously so that’s a Ventus
black kite that we received as part of
this mystery box now if I remember this
watch itself was upwards in the
two-three hundred dollar range so I’m
just going to remind you guys as
opening up all of this stuff I spent
$200 total in one all of this on a
waffle $200 total and I’m getting all of
this so looks like we have the x-men The
Last Stand pretty cool what do we have
here this looks like a yep little
battery charging brick right
this is ice ball molds anybody that
loves a nice drink got our ice ball mold
so you can make ice balls to throw in
your drink we have a key clip what is in
fun run jewelry look at that we got some
beaded bracelets black and brown balls
on this beaded bracelets it’s pretty
cool they look feels like it’s would
possibly if I can get those back in
there I see a wayward watch floating
around in here so let’s take a look at
what this guy is this is a Casio
protract top solar it’s gonna have to do
some research on this watch looks like
it follows right along in the g-shock
line now guys remember just one thing to
throw out there again this is a mystery
box this is all things that people
donated for this cause to help purchase
the Grail for Trevor what do we have
here so this looks like a portable
humidor if I think correctly let’s open
this guy up and that’s exactly what it
is we’ve got a couple cigars
there you go couple cigars for for me to
partake in while I’m having a an adult
beverage so that’s pretty cool pretty
neat little pocket container right there
and what do we have here
this is it says 40 ounce flask let’s see
what it is I think I know what it is
look at that set me ten-year old Rip Van
Winkle so this is going to be pretty
pretty nice Wow
that’s smooth whoo all right I don’t
know if I can do that on YouTube or not
but I just did so 10 year old Rip Van
Winkle so that will go nicely with the
ice balls and what else do we have here
we have an Amazon echo dot that’s pretty
what are we having this watch we have a
blow buck Wow look at that that’s nuts
guys this just keeps blowing my mind I
spent $200 on this mystery box
$200 next yema
well that’s interesting it’s like a yama
dive watch I personally have never seen
one of these before that’s that’s really
really cool I’m gonna have to do some
research on this watch and we’ll come
back and take a look at it and a later a
later video comes with silicon band as
well as that
stainless-steel bracelet that is very
cool all right so those up here and what
do we have actually I’m gonna hold that
one because I recognize these boxes say
Aragon collector case and look at that I
believe that’s the Aragon savant with
mother-of-pearl dial very very cool
anybody that knows me knows how much I
love Aragon watches so that is that’s an
awesome snag right there that watch in
and of itself is more than or almost as
much as the $200 that I spent we have
another Aragon here now anybody that
doesn’t know these Aragon’s this is the
collector case versus the standard case
is only the half sized open this guy up
that is cool I believe that is the
Aragon divemaster
I want to say it’s the NH 35 or NH 36
that’s in this bright orange gorgeous
dial on that watch very very cool I mean
just in just in these Aragon watches
alone that’s that’s ridiculous just in
these Aragon watches alone that is more
than the $200 that I spend we’re gonna
come back and take a closer look at
these watches because you guys know how
much I love to take a look at the Aragon
watches and what else do we have in here
this looks like a vintage Hamilton maybe
wow that is pretty cool right there
gonna have to do some research on that
one and I don’t know what the hell this
it looks like an emery board who knows
alright down to two guys almost over and
almost let you go
this is I can tell from the logo already
do you guys know from the logo what that
boom Android look at that that is badass
I believe this is the intrud divemaster
enforcer I think I think that was the
model of this we’re gonna come back and
take a look at this watch because this
is the first Android that I’ve had you
guys have seen me I’ve got a lot of the
arrogance but I do not have any injuries
so this is the first Android that I’ve
had I’m gonna definitely do some compare
and contrast on those guys but here
coming up next is the main win in this
whole package right here you guys see
that logo you know what that is that is
a ball look at that Wow stainless steel
band in there as well this this guy
right here this is on a custom band this
is now recognizing that this is used
which there’s nothing wrong and these
ball watches are monsters and they’ll
keep running this right here is a
thousand dollar watch that’s that’s not
something I’m absolutely blown away and
two hundred dollars is all I spent on
all of this stuff guys
two hundred dollars alright so that was
the mystery box unboxing that I won
thanks to that waffle that I took part
in earlier in January guys the only
thing I can say as it relates to waffles
is I really this is probably the second
one I’ve
Benin because I never win anything
I don’t usually spend my money on them
this one I did because it was for a good
cause it was as I mentioned to support
the purchase of that Grail for Trevor
which is you know it’s it’s always a
good thing to do to pay it forward and
the camaraderie and these watch
communities is definitely something to
be commended I threw in this time and I
lucked out big time as you’ll see from
some of these pictures towards the end
the watches you know I haven’t even
added them all up but we’re talking
thousands of dollars worth of watches
and I I really nailed it big on this one
I think considering out of pocket $200
plus let me rephrase that $200 plus the
shipping of the box that I had donated
was all that I was out on this raffle so
guys anyway thank you very much for
sticking around stick around I’ll post
up some close-up pictures of what I got
if you missed it while I was opening the
boxes if you guys want to reach out to
me you can reach out to me on the
website at my watch addiction com
if you want to see what’s on my wrists
on a daily basis definitely follow us on
the Instagram Instagram / watch
addiction dot us and finally if you want
to see what watch I’m taking a look at
every week definitely go ahead and hit
that subscribe button down in the
right-hand corner and you’ll be alerted
every single time I post up a new watch
review or a new watch video and thank
you again guys have a great week

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