10 thoughts to Survival Gear In Virginia Beach Where Can I Purchase At 3:38

  1. Thank you for your informative video. Despite the lower price points of Thrunite, I would always choose SureFire. For one thing, SureFire is manufactured in the U.S. as opposed to Thrunite which is made in China. I am willing to pay more knowing that American workers have employment and jobs and money remain in the U.S. I apologize for going off topic for your channel, however; I believe that we should look deeper than price points when making purchases.

  2. Cool, it's thrunite's Olight ST25 baton. I guess the EDC size ones will mimic Olight's baton series. I wonder if I can use that tailcap on my ST25. Thrunite seems like the flashlight sanremu. Can you get to low and high from off like you can with the Olights? Thanks for your vids!

  3. I don't see anything wrong with EDCing a torch this size. It's exactly how I've been employing my Archer for over two months.

  4. I really like this for my husband to take to work, this or the Tac light. Can't decide which ….

  5. Cool extra O rings. I hate it when they become worn and you need to find a new one better flashlights sometimes come with extras, good to know that this one does. R&R g