4 thoughts to Survival Gear Industry Buy In Store Nearby At 9:49

  1. I personally wear 2 paracord…. bits of jewelry on my wrists. The one on my right is 24 feet of Titan Survivorcord and I can quickly deploy it. My left is a Gshock watch with a paracord watch band. On my watch band, I have a wazoo firestorm buckle, clamshell compass, and a P-51 can opener. I like to think of it as a pretty basic tool kit and the other one just quality cordage.

    I don't expect to ever find myself in a situation where I need these to survive. I just like to make some functional stuff.

  2. Can you please send me your wrist bands and your tee shirt that you wore in this video please send them to my address and my address is 33245 W 88TH TER, DE SOTO KS 66018-7966