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  1. I keep a small bag full of hand warmers in my car especially during winter. In case you get stranded they're safer than candles and they last 6-8 hours so pretty nice.

  2. I just watched this while video waiting for you to take your shirt off. And nothing. What a disappointment.

  3. People should keep in mind that most cases of hyperthermia happen during spring and fall, warmer months. Reason being is people go into the forest or mountains unprepared and don't realize 40-50*f mornings/nights can easily kill, it only takes your body temperature to drop a few degrees and you could end up in trouble if you're not prepared. Another reason hyperthermia is higher during fall and spring is because most people leave the cold weather winter backpacking and camping trips to the experts. One tip I'd like to give is no cotton clothing if you're going to be outside for a long periods of time in snowy, rainy, icy, weather stick with synthetic clothing. Synthetic clothing dries way, way, way faster then cotton, which basically freezes solid. Synthetic clothing also removes your sweat better then cotton, cotton just absorbs sweat and becomes saturated. Synthetic clothes wicks the sweat away from you and to the outside where is dissipates. Like you said head, feet, hands are important and I'd like too stress face cover too, cover your face if possible, wind alone will burn your face.