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  1. I bought my Ti3 just a couple weeks after they came out and I've been carrying it everyday since. I'm very pleased with it to say the least. The size and weight are perfect for a lightweight EDC kit. I've accidentally dropped it a few times from about 3.5 feet, and it's held up with no fuss. In my experience, I find the Ti3 to be a great compliment to a larger EDC light, in my case the ProTac 2L. Even carried on its own, the Ti3 is a great option when you need something small and lightweight.

  2. Your end-user assessments are funny to me. I actually use it for several of the purposes you mentioned in EDC and military/police. I carry this as a backup torch every day, and when I'm wearing my stay-at-home clothes.

    Like you, I prefer to have a more hefty torch, which in my case is the Thrunite TN12 (2014), but while it's a strong, dependable option for prolonged use when I'm out of home, especially when a blackout strikes, it's not exactly viable to have it clipped to your house threads or hanging from the lanyard on your wrist when you're chilling out, or to pull it out of its holster when you just need a quick bit of light to find something on a dark corner of your work or house room. That's when the Ti3 comes in.

    Personally, I don't use it as a keychain light at all, I love the clip far too much to carry it by a chain or crab claw.
    (Speaking of the keychain attachment, both the triangular link and the round ring on the crab claw are of very poor quality and may cause you to lose your light. Swap them for small split rings and it's all good.)
    Back on topic. I always carry my Ti3 clipped to my shirt – on the collar of the undershirt when I'm wearing a tee, or on the collar itself when I'm on a polo or dress one. It's small and discreet enough to not pop up on others' eyes, and within very easy reach, literally a yank away. AND!, after I reverse the clip, I can clip it to the baseball cap I carry on my pack for an instant headlamp (something I count as its second biggest advantage).

    As for how to use… there are several ways.
    • Firefly as the very first mode is a godsend, and though it's not at all suited for prolonged reading or even medium-range navigation, it makes it my primary "amble around the house at night" and "consult something in the car when riding shotgun" light source. It's why i replaced my old Fenix E01 with it.
    • Low mode is your casual mode for finding stuff in a dark room like I said, and also the main "hatlamp" mode – the reach is decent enough, and runtime isn't an issue.
    • The turbo mode… frankly, the only time I've really used it was to find a lighter flint I'd dropped on a dark green floor during daytime; the extremely short runtime spooks me away from using it more often. It's good to know something so potent is there, though. Speaking of potent, fun fact: Thrunite claims it's an already impressive 120 lumens, but both independent flashlight reviewers I watch tested the Ti3 and high mode consistently surpassed 170lm!
    • Much the same goes for strobe. Its existence is mentally filed for whenever I have to use the light as a signaling device in the dark, but pretty much nothing else.

    Though as much as it's practical for casual usage, I definitely do not recommend this as a primary torch if you need a potent light source consistently in your routine. Its low and turbo runtimes are too paltry for long-term usage, and with a head that small, it wouldn't matter even if the reflector wasn't orange peel, there just isn't enough throw. Think of this as a sidearm of sorts: easy to pull out, but short-ranged and small capacity. If it's all you need, excellent; if not, get something bigger. If such is the case, I swear by the TN12 that I myself use, but I can also recommend Thrunite's Archer v2 series, especially the 2A if you're a sucker for AA batteries.

  3. hi i think you would know a lot about the different products i seen a video where i have now become confused as to which light to buy ti3 or the olight i3s https://youtu.be/WwDP7TR2s4M can you let me know if this video hold any truth. i sorry if this stirs up anything i just really need answers.

  4. Hi, I found 2 models on the website thrunite:

    – ThruNite Ti3 EDC Cree XP-L AAA Torch 130 Lumens
    – ThruNite Ti3 XP-G2 120 Lumen Flashlight

    any main differences between the 2? which one choose?