14 thoughts to Survival Gear Jackery How Can We Buy At 2:45

  1. This was very useful as I'm doing a weekend bushcraft course this August with your team down in east Sussex.
    I'll be packing my kit accordingly so thanks for taking the time to demonstrate your routine

  2. Thanks for this video. It was very helpful to me. I think it would also depend on what type of rucksack system a person has. Climate and things like that. I like to organize a little bit so keeping things in kits like cordage and fire, etc. in separate bags for easy access. Thanks.

  3. Why not call it a backpack?
    As an amateur camper, i still prefer civilized camping πŸ•, a proper camp site with water and toilet πŸš»πŸš½πŸ§»πŸ™ƒ no need to chop any woods, just enjoy the outdoors, preferably by the beach without rain. Luckily we have many places without the rain in California but we must be careful with the πŸ”₯ πŸ“›

  4. Really helpful Paul… thanks for sharing. I just need to learn to be confident to take less!!! Haha

  5. Hi Paul how large is
    that bag if you don’t mind me asking,I have a three day tactical 60L military backpack with loads of pockets on the outside plus more can be added on which I’ve already done I’m just curious about yours thanks for sharing this awesome video I’ve learnt a lot thank you 😊

  6. That me ordered one thanks for all the things you are doing Paul learning loads,also learning off your online course too

  7. Great help as usual as I am just getting kit together it good to see what's needed although I plan using a tent rather than tarp and bivy bag Great work

  8. thank you for this video, Mr. Kirtley
    that part using dry bag as inner layer of your rucksack is a great tips for me (yes, i'm still an amateur :D)
    one question sir, do i need dry bag with same diameter as my rucksack? or is it okay to use drybag with a bit larger diameter than my rucksack? thank you πŸ™‚

  9. wow i just found your channel and i must say very informative and great content! looking forward to seeing more