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the rake that does look like anyone’s
home in here fine don’t worry private
let’s definitely come forth now I don’t
think you can see I think uses his scent
to navigate and maybe his scream some
sort of sonar to navigate the forest at
night like bats
exactly look if that’s the case you
won’t be able to see the trap let’s go
you guys set this up now Bobby did it
you’re right now we have a serious issue
look and I’ve been reading the comments
and these people are calling Papa Jake
scaredy-pants no offense but you are
kind of a scaredy pants look and I’m not
a scaredy pants
I’m simply self-preserving myself we
need to go back out to the forest and
catch the rake once and for all we need
to put an end to this Jake we do not
have the tape or the cardboard to
complete that kind of expedition I don’t
act position to a forest that scale will
require a lot of tape tape that we don’t
have but if I can prove to other funds
us that we’re gonna catch the rake once
and for all we can get those funds no
Jake we are not giving that guy call he
is weird
we’re giving him a call want a beer this
this Papa Jake
hello look I know this is short notice
but I’m asking for you to send us some
funds we need tape and cardboard we’re
looking to mount an expedition to catch
the rain captain the rank I think the
dangerous to go out hunting all right in
the fall yes no IIIi know I know it will
be dangerous I know but look I really
think we can do this we can catch him
this time every other time we just got
we got you scared we let him get the
best of us this time we can do it I have
a plan roll the tape I can say how much
in hey yeah like it’s 16 pieces of
cardboard and maybe 20 rolls of tape
that’s all we need to get the job done
all right put up your bail yeah that’s
what I gave ya okay we bail
I’ll pay you back four times where you
gave us you have my word all right now
look no we have a stream running it
along this way okay the rape generally
sits at the bottom of the stream here if
we set up base camp at the top of the
stream upon the concrete structure here
we should have a good vantage point and
we should be safe and happy our problem
is that the rake travels below in a
sewer system you can pop out at any
section you want we’ve got a little room
away from our
face to his trap I’m thinking we set
something up like this a simple box trap
door like this break walks in but Jake
what can we use to trap the rake I don’t
know what he likes well it’s a good
thing you asked Logan we know the rake
likes people and these you take one for
the team on this not being the bait on
this man Logan it’s the only way we’re
gonna lure him into a trap the rake is a
monster or smarter than monsters
we just gotta use our heads when we get
down there you know just hope for the
and you what’s going on guys pop Jake
here from t Brittany and we are back
with a brand new video and today guys we
are doing something very scary but very
special that’s right we’re going back
and we are gonna be trying to capture
the right you guys have seen our
multiple videos of us attempting to find
the rake but today’s the day I put my
foot down I said Papa Jake is no longer
scaredy pants okay I just proved that
I’m a brave e pants I’m just gonna tell
you this Jake is not a brave e-pass
we’ve all seen him he’s like I don’t get
scared but he gets scared I also don’t
exactly have a full plan yet but I’m
working on that okay I’m working on
getting a plan ready so that we can
handle the rake and we can capture him
once and for all I’m putting it into
this things are kind of everywhere
because you guys don’t know we’re in the
process of actually moving we’re going
big all right we’re getting a brand new
Papa Jake house that we can all enjoy we
can make some awesome videos inside it
is gonna be absolute fire so hopefully
we do get it let’s try and get 50,000
likes on this video I know we can do it
but nonetheless guys do we have to go
and we have to find the rake so I’m
gonna grab all of our supplies I’m going
to pack up with a bunch of flashlights a
bunch of our camera equipment as well as
our night-vision camera you guys know we
use that mostly in the forest because it
is so dark in there it’s impossible to
see without it so our objective is
pretty simple we’re gonna set up a base
camp you know a nice little base camp we
can chill in and then instead of letting
the rake come to us we’re going to him
we’re gonna make a rake trap box for it
and hopefully we’ll be able to catch him
let’s go catch ourselves a rake all
right guys we made it back to the woods
we were traveling for a little while
through here sorry from a lot of breath
we’ve been kind of running we’re heading
back towards where we last spotted the
rake we’re gonna try and set up a camp
on a concrete structure that we found
we don’t feel worried about the rate
getting to us from the backside if we
build it on the structure that at least
the rate can only attack us from the
front you heard that right okay okay
all right hi this is getting a little
freaky as I’m saying I think what the
lack of leaves it’s gonna make it easier
for us to see the rake but let’s keep
moving some lash Billy toes drop down
here shouldn’t worry about the ring
kidding us I think our biggest priority
right now guys is we need to build up a
base camp that we could survive in not
only we can get our lights on and they
set up a place where we can monitor the
rake strap but we also need a place to
get warm because it is getting freezing
out here we’re gonna grab our cardboard
and start building the fort is built we
got the roof on we got the walls on guys
this was just in time the wind is
picking up it’s getting colder and
colder we had one of the roof panels
actually blow off while we were trying
to build it and it’s getting creepier
and creepier out here I just I don’t
like standing out here I don’t like
being in the open I feel like somebody’s
watching us or worse if you like some
who’s been following us so we’re gonna
jump inside the box fort bring all of
our flashlights inside and we’re gonna
start planning our next move get inside
you Judy it’s cold
he’s very cold so we just got inside we
put the box for it already though I am
feeling a lot safer in here it’s a lot
nicer to be inside the box for it but we
came here for a reason guys we came here
because we decided to catch the rake
once and for all so we brought some
extra boxes we brought some tape and we
are gonna go and create a rake trap now
in order to do that I’ve got a plan
that’s your scream look I gave you the
right discriminants I told you I told
you something was following us dude
Logan I’m thinking that we traveled down
the creek bed and do a little bit
reconnaissance I say we go directly to
the Rake’s nest
we’ve been here enough times I know
exactly what the race cream is he knows
we’re here and he’s gonna try and come
and attack us but if we can get to his
nest before that we could shake him up
you wouldn’t expect that if we head
through the sewer system and out to his
nest area we could manage to get inside
his nest and figure out if he’s there
once we have a general ideas his
location we get sup the trap for the
night Jake I’m feeling really weird
about this okay guys we just outside of
the fort I switched over to the
night-vision camera now it’s probably
our best bet for seeing in the dark this
place is absolutely pitch black as you
can see here’s a fort here at least I
can use this to look around during the
night so we don’t get lost in the woods
but we’re also gonna use this to film
the rake if we find them again guys
always like to say if you see anything
in the woods or anything after the fact
let us know there’s a lot of things that
we don’t see in the night it’s just so
dark but we’ll pick it up after the
night vision increase the rate climb
right the rate can climb no what do I
hear its call again I hear scream again
alright look we gotta go we gotta go I
can hear screaming alright let’s head to
the path and head down to the creek bed
we’ll make your way through the sewer
system to his nest we’re gonna keep
moving towards the abandoned tunnel and
make our way to the race nest
we’re gonna keep scanning for the rake
or anything in the woods as we travel
through here but I don’t like how I feel
right now got a weird feeling in my
stomach every time we come down here
something’s not right
I don’t know if you guys can see this
through there but if there is a massive
full moon out tonight and weird noises
come from the trees I don’t think the
race using the trees to travel deer
should be too much farther down this way
just keep an eye out
when we came across another fence but
this is completely broken open last time
we were here it wasn’t like this at all
I don’t like the looks of that commie
there we think happy one thing Jake I
tried working on a medal I don’t like
this one day I had planned party went
out Jake are you okay at least we know
is here we’re getting closer to him cuz
all part of the plan would stop outsmart
look the entrance to his messes down
here this tunnel that leads to it let’s
make our way down through the tunnel and
head out to his nest shot to the photo
with Olga
that’s one way to make it down a hill
there it is I don’t like this kind of
like this one bit it’s not look like
something I want to go in right now
quickest way to get to the racemaster
probably safest yeah it just got a lot
colder did they get a lot colder all
right we just make it through here on
the other side should be The Rake’s Nest
just got to make it through here anyone
down there look it’s the only way to get
towards the race last we just gotta get
through here
okay guys you made it to the exit now
time to push forward along the creek bed
and make it to the right tonight I do
not want to know what’s down there I
remember correctly it’s an abandoned to
the hollow to kind of cave up ahead wait
you hear that scream gee I don’t like
this I don’t like this at all
sorry sorry it means we’re close to
these we’re close Yeah right there
across here okay looks like you spot his
nest there’s a bit of water here the
race man does look like anyone’s home in
here finds over inside this mess he’s
definitely coming for us now it’ll be a
perfect time to set up a trap sleep yep
scream scream hey hey hey we did a job
in his nest look let’s let’s head out
here sir moving back to camp you should
be following us now yeah what’s that
sound here’s something here’s something
just keep moving don’t you have a head
be debates good debate just do that was
crazy nothing you’ve ever been that
close to the rake before he’s definitely
hunting yes at this point we’ll be
travelling towards us at any moment
alright look listen if we’re gonna
capture him we need to make a trap right
now it’s no extra cardboard let’s build
a trap not too far from here
look at this look at this looking if you
look closely at the rake you can notice
that he doesn’t have eyes what does that
mean I don’t think you can see I think
uses is sent to navigate and maybe his
scream some sort of sonar to navigate
the forest at night like bats
exactly look if that’s the case you
won’t be able to see the trap let’s go
we gotta set this up now alright looking
just like that come on hang the tree
line I’ll say anything we should be okay
for now to keep building come on alright
guys so the trap was completed he’s got
the whole thing set up here we’ve got
bars on this side if you look on this
side over here you can see that there’s
a tripwire across the entrance here if
it activates it’ll release this hatch
and oh close on the rake now we’re gonna
do a night vision camera on the tree
over there and I’ll be able to access
the video on my phone we can watch and
keep a lookout for when the rate comes
and sets off the trap
now that you set the trap we should be
able to monitor remotely with your phone
all right putting the feet through now
it doesn’t look like we’re seeing
anything yet it might be a little bit of
time before he starts watering over this
way and I out well it looks like at this
point it’s gonna have to wait around and
see if the trap gets any alarms set off
we should be able to hear it from the
air but keep checking the cameras what
is it
oh geez give me coming this way right
now he completely avoided the trap
I lost all visual contact on the cameras
down is he coming this way I don’t know
I don’t know just stay stay calm stay
calm here my hair my hair is coming good
tracker of our tracker and watch out I’m
gonna put into this he’s right away be
right away I think I gotta put the
tracker she ran past me I think was i
hitting with the tracker it scared him
alright patching it through now let’s
see we did it
the track is working which is track
where the rapes moving Logan we can we
can still do this Jake after all this
don’t you think we should just stop and
go home no I think we’re just getting

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