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make an emergency space survival blanket from chip bags snack bags mylar bags
DIY survival blanket cheap outdoor gear review
hi it’s AlaskaGranny you buy snacks in
little packages like chips or cookie did
you ever notice inside there’s a silver
layer or lining that’s like mylar like a survival blanket or space blanket these
can be very handy in an emergency
situation the seam of the snack mylar bag would be down the
back I cut the chip snack bag in half I cut it open then
I lay down the snack bag and I pull apart
where the seams are if it gets stuck just
give it a little snip and have a nice
big reflective sheet survival blanket space blanket take all kinds of
those snack mylar bags together and make an emergency survival reflective blanket
quilt let me show you lay them all out
together so the silver side is up then
you take a piece of duct tape and you
tape the bags together and I call it my emergency survival
quilt because I’m patching them all
together so I have an emergency survival mylar reflective
patchwork blanket I can use it put on
the ground to sit on it I can use it to
wrap up I can put it over the windshield
to reflect the hot Sun out of the way if
it’s way too hot there are all kinds of
things I can do with this DIY emergency survival mylar reflective blanket and I got it
for free with chip and snack bag trash so you just keep
taping it together however you can get
it to fit until it gets to be the size
you want and then you have your DIY make it yourself for free emergency survival
blanket I hope that something like this
might be useful for you so all you need
is some duct tape and imagination and
you can create anything you want to help
keep your family safe
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Survival Gear Junkie Where Can We Purchase

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  1. I''ve done this before … I made mini feet covers with them. They still dont breath and condensation will build up. Never the less, its still a good way to reuse this material/resource and bring from a useless state back into a useful state. With other tools/options you can make them thicker /better(heat retention)
    TFS… A.G. Have you ever made this in large scale?

  2. Very creative. Many people will not think of using trash to make something useful. : )