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  1. no offence man , but do you use your knife ? They are all looking like news ! 😀
    I agree that mora are awesome knife, they are my main survival knife combined with a cold steel tomahawk or a gransfors bruks ax ! 😀 take care!

  2. you stated all their steel is stainless but I thought they had many that are not stainless and just carbon steel? thanks

  3. Just an FYI, not ALL Mora knives are stainless. They make carbon steel blades also, as well as a steel they call Tri-Flex which is a mix of steels "sandwiched" together, for the Bushcraft Series. You can learn more at the link below:
    Thanks for doing what you do!

  4. I really want one of thee but they charge twice the price for it in rip off britain.

  5. Good thing you have the Moras as backup. I wouldn't trust my life to a Bear Grylls knife.

  6. Anyone looking for one of these in Australia go to Ray's Outdoor's and they can order it in for you $39.95, cheeper than eBay, no postage cost's and you will get what you order.
    Light weight, very sharp out of the packaging, strong sheath with good retention, strong belt clip and stainless steel blade easy to maintain. I did have to clean some small burring off the spine and the upper grind line towards the tip but all in all great knife and well worth adding to the kit.

  7. Just came across this after ordering one off Amazon France. About $25 on conversion with free delivery.

    Cheap as chips!

  8. My can only take one tool into the woods would be my Mora Light My Fire knife.