4 thoughts to Survival Gear Kids How Can We Buy At 9:44

  1. Thank you, first for your years of service in the U.S. Army and second for these great reviews. Being 6 foot 250 lbs it is hard to get a good, honest opinion of gear online. This is a sturdy little side carry for my daily multi tool, pocket knife, cell phone, and flashlight. Keeps all of those items out of my pockets and not digging into my thigh when I bend or crouch. If you know of a similar Pouch but with another large pocket or wider large pocket to also hold my money clip/card holder with phone battery charger seen here- https://www.shopmyexchange.com/timberland-leather-carryall-wallet-and-portable-charger-gift-set/8862702 I would appreciate it.

  2. i just ordered one for my ColdSteel GI Tanto (before watching your video). Looks it will be exactly what is needed. Thanks for a straight forward, no-nonsense review.