9 thoughts to Survival Gear Kids How To Shop At 8:58

  1. In my state, we're talking huge fines and jail time for night hunting and using a spear.

  2. Man I absolutely love your vids! I'm hoping my fiancé and I can attend some of your class's nect spring or fall!

  3. verry so cool … but like its describe survival .. some times theres no rope or susavy knive .. 😉 other than that thumbs up guys .. exelent ..

  4. I absolutely love these videos, learning all these new things to do in the outdoors. and I would totally marry Rob. <3

  5. nahhh…problem is the tips are still wood and they can breakvery easy. so dont use that much energy on one speer….better make two. Or make the other tip a " fish tip"too…even for small game the fish speer is better

  6. My brother made one of these, just to see if he could, back in 2013; not long after he found your videos. It's still in one piece, leaning against the back deck. The firehardened tip kept the wood from rotting. Fun stuff.