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  1. Lock picking tools are actually illegal to carry in a lot of areas unless you are a licensed locksmith. They are considered burglary tools by the cops.

  2. That bic,in your pocket will discharge as you walk.
    Me responding to a SOS signal,without verbally verifying iTIs one of mine .Nope won't happen.;)
    Shoot I would be tempted to bait the hole,with that signal light ;).Promise.
    You are an island,if you do not bring it,it ain't needed;). Unless you plan to eat it .

  3. It will be interesting to see someone cleaning out an animal in the middle of an intersection.

  4. Brother I consider you a friend thank you for that info I personally really find it informative I do believe deep down inside that something could really happen so I'm tracking with you keep putting out the videos bro thanks again.

  5. BIC lighters are always great. I think a lot of people dislike the usage of lighters because they're an everyday item, but that's because they're just so good. Keep a backup ferro rod outdoors, but the number one thing and the easiest to use will always be a good lighter.

  6. Updated list:

    Face diaper
    Hand sanitizer
    Vaccination certificate
    Mark of the beast bill gates chip implant (ID 2020 approved)
    Track and Trace App
    Contactless debit card.