Survival Gear Kits Where Can I Order

what’s up YouTube the bearded
outdoorsman your guide to all things
gear and beards today we’re going to be
taking a look at my new nomadic box for
May 2019 so stay tuned to the intro
alright guys if you are new to my
channel I am the bearded outdoorsman I
do hiking videos gear reviews tutorials
beard product reviews and today we’re
gonna take a look at my fifth nomadic
box that I’ve gotten I paid for a six
month subscription to get some content
for you guys so you guys could see what
was in them and and check them out so
without further ado before I get into
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we’re probably gonna have a visitor in
just a few minutes i hearing traipsing
through the woods and that is gonna be
Duke and here he comes
you’re not very photogenic so just sit
down alright so the new nomadic box
hashtag be nomadic and we go where
others won’t don’t get in my might you
stay right there
alright so let’s see what we got this
bringing out the Kershaw are you having
fun get some we’re go
okay so what do we have this month card
lose all right so this is Earth Month
all right so on the back of the card
there is a challenge and I’ll go ahead
and say I will drop a playlist in the
description below for all my previous
videos for the nomadic box Wow
why do you feel the need to eat my hand
Duke is part lab part weimaraner and
he is still very much a puppy looks like
we have three three things in this box
cool picture in the middle and nomadic
tips each year the month of April is
dedicated to honor the planet so that’s
why this is Earth Month alright let’s
see what we got
we’ll just go for the biggest thing we
got we have a eco vessel tumbler this
there’s a mic cord right here 24 ounce
insulated steel tumbler
the first step to adopting a more
sustainable lifestyle is ditching the
single-use plastic and grabbing your
reusable drink where this is made of 18
8 food grade stainless steel and has a
bpa-free slider lid making it the
perfect travel mug this vacuums
insulated masterpiece keeps your
beverages hot for six hours and cold for
24 hours devoting our loyalty for each
month this eco-friendly mug is BPA free
I’m free of harmful liners needless to
say it’s also recyclable with a 100 year
warranty so that’s pretty cool so it is
a slider lid and drink out of here slide
it locked that’s pretty cool all right
what else would go
the mpowered solar light now I was
actually have one similar it’s the
original that I was going to be doing a
review on had actually been planning on
doing a review on it so that this one
might take the cake of that one and this
and maybe the one we do the review on
this is the Luci emrg its life’s
answer to echo illumination this
pocket-sized Lantern flashlights and
emergency light only needs a bit of
sunlight to stay charged it shines
reliably through storms blackouts
roadside trouble or whenever you need
light waterproof lightweight inflatable
floatable and extremely durable took one
in your back on your next adventure
if you have not seen these if you have
not seen these before they are awesome
so it inflates if it comes it comes with
a little bit of a charge you can see the
lights in there has three modes four
modes five modes so pretty cool
lightweight awesome lantern that puts
out a lot of light
my other one does so we’ll test this one
out and see how it does we may do a
side-by-side comparison of them all
right and we have one more this is
simply straws stainless steel reason
reusable straw plastic straws are on the
way out they’re bad for you the
environment and animals legislation is
now getting passed the support that as
well this plastic free guilt free
reusable straw helps reduce your waste
and helps minimize teeth sensitivity and
erosion it is made with durable
stainless steel and comes with a brush
cleaner plus is dishwasher safe use it
with your hot or iced coffee smoothies
or even your late-night cocktail so it
comes with a brush what’s the brand
simply straws so pretty cool stainless
steel straw that comes with a cleaner
alright so in true to form I will drop
links to the script or to any of these
three items that I can find links for
and do a an idea on pricing pneumatic
says that they try to do up to a $70
value in each box do I think this one 70
not by looking at it but will I’ll
crunch some numbers and it’ll be in the
description below make sure to hit that
subscribe button if you’re new to
maduk no matter you can do a 1 month a 3
month or six months excuse me a 1 month
6 months or 12 months subscription and
the price kind of goes down on a monthly
basis the longer you choose to do it I
have one more box coming in for I
ordered six so I have one more box
coming in next month and that will be my
final one
if drop me comments y’all want me to
keep doing it I’ll pay the money and
keep doing the videos for you guys so
y’all can continue to see what comes in
them they do have if you do the
subscription each one of these little
pamphlets has a pneumatic challenge on
the back to where you can enter for a
chance to win sometimes it’s money this
time it is $200 eco-friendly product
bundle from the same three companies
that we have this from so you can chance
a chance to win a $200 value there’s
gonna be six winners selected it also
has brand discounts right here so each
one usually has three sometimes four
brand discounts did you discount coach
to purchase things that have been in
previous boxes from companies that have
had things in previous boxes so overall
I’ve enjoyed getting these boxes and I’m
still kind of torn as if I want to
continue to do it it’s about a hundred
and eighty dollars for six months and so
I’ve gotten a few videos out of it but
if you guys are interested please drop
me comments number one I interact with
every every person who leaves a comment
I can’t comment back and and reply so
drop me some comments let me know if you
guys are interested in miri up and and
doing another subscription to do some
more some more videos of the nomadic box
so again this is the nomadic box for May
it is Earth Month alright we just
finished up April April was Earth Month
so yeah
any comments drop drop them in the
description don’t forget to hit that
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you’ll be notified first when I drop new
content so as always stay bearded get
god bless

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  1. Do you feel like you're truly getting value from it? I know you're technically getting gear that, overall, is worth more than what you're paying, but do you think it's worth it? How much use do you end up getting out of the items?

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